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DELMIA Apriso Adds Intelligence to Global Traceability

Latest update improves visibility into big data to better manage traceability on an enterprise scale to lower costs, improve quality and accelerate process innovation


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On October 15, 2015, Dassault Systèmes announced availability of DELMIA Apriso 2016. As part of this release, DELMIA Apriso Global Traceability (GT) now resides on an enhanced intelligence platform, as an approach to cost-effectively deliver better visibility into traceability-based analytics and reporting. Manufacturers can take advantage of this product’s built in user interfaces and streamlined product architecture to quickly assess and track product and process traceability data, and identify areas for future continuous improvement.

Manufacturers are increasingly turning to big data to help gain insight into performance, efficiency and quality improvement. The challenge is that traditional Traceability and Containment solutions often lack sufficient visibility into global operations, adding extra steps, time and resources to completing track and trace requirements. Further, most traditional solutions don’t effectively collect the manufacturing intelligence necessary to guide process improvement. Increasingly global supply chains and compressed new product introduction cycles demand faster lead times to act quickly upon discovery of an issue – and to then to fix a process, if needed.

DELMIA Apriso Global Traceability shares the same central, common data hub that is part of DELMIA Apriso Manufacturing Process Intelligence (MPI). Manufacturers now can have immediate access to data that is part of any track and trace process. This contextual intelligence can be quite valuable – acting as a trigger to increase efficiency, quality, operational excellence and margins on a global scale.

Manufacturers can implement GT with the DELMIA Apriso Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) suite to deliver the value from an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) strategy and to better leverage the wealth of near real-time operations data already being generated. For example, a DELMIA Apriso solution can quickly assess big data on the shop floor and convert it into actionable intelligence, triggering processes to prevent possible quality issues from quickly spreading, and alerts for process improvement.

Advantages of incorporating Global Traceability with a DELMIA Apriso solution include:

  • Consolidate disparate product traceability data while avoiding “rip and replace” strategies
    • Maintain genealogy between finished goods and components (in-house & suppliers/contractors)
    • Record link between products and packaging structures used to ship across the supply chain
    • Handle large volumes of traceability data received from any plant, supplier or logistics provider, regardless of what system is being run (Apriso application or 3rd party)
  • Accelerate visibility into critical events by gaining a centralized perspective of production processes to address traceability issues while gaining intelligence for continuous process improvement
    • Define the scope and impact of production issues more accurately with near real-time visibility
    • Analyze root cause and corrective actions with greater efficiency; leverage this knowledge to identify areas for future continuous process improvement
    • Support containment processes with greater scope, across the extended product supply network, to respond faster with greater efficiency to potential quality issues
  • Complement existing DELMIA Apriso MOM and MPI solutions, as part of manufacturing operations management
    • Implement quickly with standardized, out-of-the-box integration to common intelligence platform
    • Manage traceability on a global scale; leverage big data analytics across the enterprise
    • Enable visibility into 3rd party events, as integrated in a single view

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Gordon Benzie
Brand Marketing Director, DELMIA, at Dassault Systèmes

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