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DELMIA Apriso Issue Management Drives Continuous Improvement

New Apriso 2016 module provides a process framework to manage quality issues and improvement initiatives through resolution to sustain operational excellence

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February 3, 2016 – Dassault Systèmes recently announced availability of DELMIA Apriso 2016. As part of this release, DELMIA Apriso Issue Management was launched as a new application to monitor and resolve issues pertaining to operational incidents, quality nonconformance, regulatory compliance, trouble tickets, CAPA records or failed test results. As issues require attention, an Apriso user can easily log the information and submit through an intuitive user interface. The submission includes contextual intelligence, which can be used to identify new issues, streamline a root cause analysis and track progress through resolution. 


Manufacturers seeking to achieve and sustain operational excellence need an open architecture and flexible workflow definition – such as what is possible with Business Process Management (BPM) – to ensure best practices are identified, standardized and consistently enforced. As a DELMIA Apriso application, Issue Management has a native BPM architecture, so readily supports most problem-solving methodologies, including CAPA, 8 Disciplines, 5 Whys, DMAIC, PDCA, or any other methodology that can be mapped as a process. And, new functionality can now help clients better manage regulatory compliance programs with 21CFR Part 11, as Issue Management enables electronic signatures and a digital audit trail.


Manufacturers can implement Apriso Issue Management with their DELMIA Apriso Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) suite to better manage issues from an end-to-end perspective across their enterprise. Today’s global manufacturer must pay close attention to any disruption or issue that might impact operations, including those involved with Production, Quality, Maintenance, Warehouse and Supply Chain processes. By empowering every shop floor employee the ability to immediately report a non-conformance or issue through an interface that automatically captures the necessary intelligence for timely resolution, Apriso Issue Management delivers significant value by quickly shutting down events that could impact quality, compliance or throughput.


As a means for supporting continuous improvement, DELMIA Apriso users can take advantage of this product in many ways to drive process and product improvements, while empowering workers – from complete issue management to a “virtual suggestion box.”


Below are three advantages of why manufacturers should consider Apriso Issue Management as part of their overall DELMIA Apriso solution:

   1. Comprises an open architecture and flexible workflow definitions

  • Process improvement is not constrained by a Manufacturing Execution System
  • Readily supports most problem-solving methodologies
  • Future-proofed solution adapts as new technologies are introduced

   2. Shuts down events quickly that could impact quality, compliance or throughput

  • Ubiquity of presence across multiple manufacturing functions accelerates time-to-resolution
  • Ease of use encourages reporting of even smallest of issues, to broaden issue resolution
  • User Interface provides easy alignment to customer needs, encouraging wider adoption

   3. Enhances the scope of capabilities possible across manufacturing operations management

  • Complements existing compliance measures, to help paperless and e-signature initiatives
  • Can be easily applied across locations, adding collaboration tools to existing functionalities
  • Extendable to 3rd party suppliers, partners or business alliances to expand scope of resolution


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Gordon Benzie
DELMIA Brand Marketing Director, Dassault Systèmes

+1 (562) 485-3854


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