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Apriso News

AGC Automotive Selects Apriso to Improve Visibility and Efficiency of their Operations and Supply Chain

Apriso FlexNet will be deployed as an operations execution system to improve adaptability of their production and supply chain, enhancing overall operations performance

(LONG BEACH, CA - December 11, 2007) – Apriso Corporation, a provider of adaptive software solutions for global manufacturers, today counts AGC Automotive, the world's largest automotive glazing supplier, as their newest customer.  AGC Automotive will implement an Apriso FlexNet® Operations Execution System to improve adaptability on their production line, while enhancing visibility across their global supply chain.  This ambitious project will initially comprise 13 of their 15 facilities and network of external production centers and warehouses located across Europe, with an expected timeframe for completion of just under three years. 

Faced with a growing need to increase operational efficiency, AGC Automotive recognized that a real-time operations system could complement their enterprise resource planning (ERP) deployment, providing the necessary integration layer between plant floor operations and corporate-level planning.  The resulting objective is to  improve responsiveness, while contributing to achieving ‘best-in-class' customer satisfaction. 

"We are impressed with Apriso's automotive industry knowledge and ability to cost effectively provide an operations system with real-time visibility, all the way across our global supply chain network," explained Luc Pirau, IT manager at AGC Automotive Europe.  "As we engage in our ERP roll out, I feel better knowing that Apriso tightly integrates with enterprise applications such as ERP, demonstrating how well the two systems complement each other to improve overall operations performance."

Manufacturers with multiple production or supplier locations face increased complexity to improve operations management.  The Apriso FlexNet solution addresses these challenges, by providing an adaptive platform to establish, distribute and maintain standardized business processes across the enterprise.  With real-time visibility to business processes, it is possible to identify opportunities for improvement and then immediately implement those changes.

The Apriso FlexNet platform was designed as an enterprise application built on business processes, rather than as a plant floor application built on hard-coded commands.  By taking this approach, it is easy to create a ‘Center of Excellence' to identify ‘core' processes suitable for usage throughout the organization.  It is only through this ‘Core' approach to global deployment that the ambitious roll out plan could be accomplished.  Once a best-practice process has been identified and tested, it may easily be deployed to every location.  The benefits from such a standardized approach include improved operational performance, lower training costs for employees and better aggregate results from continuous improvement programs, such as Lean manufacturing initiatives.

"IT systems supporting automotive manufacturing can be quite complex.  This is especially true when integrating highly repetitive shop floor operations with enterprise applications, such as ERP and PLM," clarified Fred Thomas, industry director for automotive manufacturing at Apriso.  "Apriso has highly refined this process to achieve lower cost, higher quality and improved operations execution performance.  The automotive industry has now validated this achievement, through new and expanded automotive customer deployments such as AGC Automotive."

About AGC Automotive
AGC Automotive is one of the four in house companies of Asahi Glass Co. Ltd., the world's largest glass manufacturer.  Headquartered in Tokyo, AGC Automotive is present in America, Japan / Asia and Europe supplying automotive glazing and services to all major OEM vehicle manufacturers.

AGC Automotive Europe, with about 5,000 strong workforce, covers the entire value chain from design and development to manufacture and supply of all automotive related glazing such as windscreens, sidelites, backlites and sunroofs.  Its products feature the latest technologies including anti-solar coatings, head-up display, integrated encapsulations, etc.

With 8 Glass Plants and 7 Added Value Operations sites, AGC Automotive Europe covers western, central and eastern Europe. AGC Automotive Replacement Glass with a network of 23 distribution centers covers the replacement glass market.  Learn more at www.agc-automotive.eu

About Apriso
Apriso Corporation is a software company dedicated to providing competitive advantage for its customers.  It does so by enabling manufacturing organizations to adapt quickly and easily to market changes and unexpected events.  Apriso FlexNet applications provide visibility, adaptability and real-time control of manufacturing operations across the enterprise and supply chain network.  Apriso leads the industry in multi-site, globally integrated Operations Execution Systems. Many of Apriso's customers have chosen to integrate planning, execution and control to increase operational efficiency and eliminate errors in their production process.  Apriso serves more than 160 customers in 40 countries across the Americas, Europe and Asia, powering more than 600 installations worldwide.  A partial listing of customers includes General Motors, Lear, Honeywell, Microsoft, L'Oreal, Lockheed Martin, Becton Dickinson, Rubbermaid, Saint-Gobain, Novelis and Essilor.  Learn more at www.apriso.com.

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