Nov 30 2010

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Why Customers Like L’Oréal are a Success

Today we issued a press release congratulating our customer L’Oréal for winning two prestigious awards at the European Manufacturing Strategies Summit by utilizing Apriso’s FlexNet as a global, platform-based solution to manage their operations. As a tangible measurement of their performance improvement, L’Oréal’s group OEE increased 10 points across 20 plants in just over 2 years.

L’Oréal has very high expectations for agility, cost reduction, cutting waste and improving operational performance – goals they are now achieving with their ISIS project. ISIS consists of a dual platform deployment of SAP ERP and Apriso’s Manufacturing Operations Management solution. The end result has been to create compelling, award-winning improvements in their manufacturing excellence.

Jacques Playe, CIO of Operations at L’Oréal, explained further. “L’Oréal has successfully expanded the results from our Lean manufacturing, Six Sigma and other continuous improvement programs. It is now faster and easier to deploy and improve best practices across all of our plants. Our Apriso solution has been instrumental in driving sustained cultural change by delivering expanded visibility to operational intelligence as a ‘collaborative intelligence’ platform … We are now targeting an even higher OEE performance threshold of 70 percent for all plants in less than two years.”

This type of manufacturing transformation couldn’t have been possible without a platform-based approach that easily supported continuous improvement to gauge performance, identify areas of improvement and then implement across multiple sites in such a quick time frame.

I congratulate L’Oréal on having the vision for global continuous improvement as well as the ability to effectively execute on that vision.

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  1. Delcuvellerie

    That is a good point as Lean Six Sigma experts still are not enough connected with IS – MES projects. A such good example at this large WW scale is significant and should help to connect those 2 communities to collaborate more closely on continuous improvement initiatives.

    A similar example was given early this year by Rhodia at the French MES conference on their systematic use of MES in all new production lines or plants to support Six Sigma faster performance improvement.

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