Apr 25 2014

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Collaboration Counts in Manufacturing [Infographic]

collaboration_counts_in_manufacturingHaving just completed a research project with Aberdeen Group (hear the findings first hand by attending the webcast – register here), the suggestion to create an Infographic came up as an effective way to communicate some of the findings. The exercise in creating the graphic highlighted the need to collaborate across disciplines when performing work that must be done accurately with precision while addressing the needs of key stakeholders involved in the process. This is exactly what manufacturers must do every day to ensure the right product is built at the right place for the right cost.

If you are familiar with Aberdeen Group research, then you are aware of their methodology. First, a questionnaire is prepared with relevant questions designed to measure a specific attribute. Once the results are summarized, they are indexed to performance metrics to identify what behaviors or actions are more closely aligned with elevated performance. The top 10% represent the “best-in-class,” becoming the role model others seek to replicate.

This research was focused on the use of manufacturing data, and having access to it across a wide range of employee roles, as well as the growing importance that mobility now has on extracting the right data and converting it into intelligence. Manufacturing employees are increasingly performing their work while on the go.

Some of the key findings of the best-in-class exhibited, when improving how they collaborate across global manufacturing operations, included:

  • +20% increase in operating margin vs. corporate plan
  • +13% increase in OEE
  • +9% higher on-time and complete shipment rate

If you are interested to learn more, here is a link to the Infographic in full size.

To learn more, I would suggest you attend this complimentary webcast to hear more from Aberdeen Group about their research findings by registering here.


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