Apr 03 2014

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What the 4th Industrial Revolution is all About

4th-industrial-revolution-HMII recently read an article written by Alex Enderle (@Alex_Enderle) about the 4th Industrial Revolution and how her company (BOSCH ) considered that the real revolution was the business model and not the concept of connected industry.

When we were developing our positioning regarding the 4th Industrial Revolution a few months ago it was clear to us from the beginning that Industrie 4.0 highlighted a part of the 4th Industrial Revolution but that other key aspects needed to be covered as well.

The introduction of smart machines to create smart and connected production, and potentially enable more flexibility and, therefore, more customization is definitely the future of the industry. However, this needs to be combined with two other critical aspects: the Socialization and Servitization of the industry.

In fact, the 4th Industrial Revolution is not only based on technological progress, it is highly inspired by trends that are now part of our day to day lives – including the way we communicate with each other and between machines. Yet, in the 21st century people want to communicate live anywhere at any time with their peers and even with brands. Confronted with an endless flood of information and a need to get things done quickly, people no longer buy a product for its design or cost, but more and more for the services it provides.

  • The two best-selling smartphones would not be as successful without strong operating systems like Android and IOS.
  • Easyjet would not have managed to succeed in the “business trip” market without a strong service offering…
  • Connected machines and factories are tools, just like smart phones. What really matters is how we use them.

This is the reason why we consider that communication and collaboration combined with a strong flexibility and service offering are key aspects of the 4th Industrial Revolution – it helps share new ideas and speed up existing projects, create the best customer experience with customized machines and services, and finally enable greater profit for the company.

The 4th Industrial Revolution is about Social, Smart, Flexible production, with High Value-Added Services. We can help you lead the way!

If you found this article interesting we would be pleased to meet and discuss it with you at our booth at the Hannover Messe from April 7-11. Let’s meet at the Digital Factory Hall 7, Booth D 28. And, as a special bonus for our Manufacturing Transformation readers, don’t worry about the entrance fee – we have free tickets for those interested to attend.

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