Mar 01 2016

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Technology Reboot: Newest Machines in Medicine Today

Technology Reboot Newest Machines in Medicine TodayAs technology improves, the ability to treat complex medical conditions continues to evolve. Machines are now being developed to better detect and treat different cancers, and robotics manufacturers are continuing the surge towards the development of Nano-technology. In the future, it’s very likely that medical equipment will consist of microscopic, organic robots designed to repair and rebuild our bodies. Taking a look at some of the current new medical devices can give a glimpse into what to expect in the future.

At the Forefront of Technology

Hudson Robotics is leading the way for creating new products and have been around a long time. In 1984 they delivered the world’s first IBM-PC controlled robotic workcell. The results they have achieved have dramatic implications for the development of new technology and have provided a lot more information about colony picking. As the company continues to develop applications that can help scientists and medical professionals working in the lab, the concept of creating an automated lab system is quickly becoming a reality. Robotics and liquid handlers are among their main product lines, and they are used to help with research and drug discovery processes.

Bluetooth Enabled Oxygen Saturation

A French company by the name of Bewell has created several products to help with health and wellness. However, one of their main products is the MyThermo. This is a non-contact thermometer that can be used to monitor fluctuating body temperatures. It has a wireless cuff that monitors the blood pressure of the patient, and a component known as MyOxy is used to determine and manage the level of oxygen saturation in the body.

Help for the Blind

The India-based medical technology company Ducere Technologies is working to help people who are blind or visually-impaired. The company is working to help create technologies that make it possible for those with sight issues to navigate the world better. One device known as the Lechal, slips easily into a shoe and uses Bluetooth technology to guide the user using simple vibrations. The user can command the device with simple voice commands.

Remembering to Take Medications

It’s sometimes difficult to remember to take your medications, especially when you have a lot, or when memory begins to fail you in old age. A health technology company by the name of Tricella has developed a pillbox that can be connected to your smartphone. You’ll get reminders to take your medication at the appropriate time, and friends and family can be notified if you forget to take your pills.

New technology is constantly being created to help us live healthier and happy lives. Using wireless technologies, it’s becoming easier than ever to store and log patient data. Together with electronic medical health records, this big medical data is being used to find increasingly more effective treatments.

Remaining Agile on the Shop Floor

As should be obvious from the new technologies described above, the manufacturing processes for medical device and other life sciences manufacturers must adapt to accommodate these advances. The opportunity cost to delay new product introduction and obtaining regulatory approval could be the difference between a chance at market leadership, being a “me-too” manufacturer or worse. It is highly likely that those organizations with a vision of what will be needed from a manufacturing operations management and systems perspective could be the future leaders in their respective fields.


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  1. Anthony Coleman

    I am commenting on the medical technology company Ducere Technologies invention to help people who are blind or visually-impaired. My mother is legally blind, and i feel this technology is a god sent not only for my mother but for anyone suffering a visual impairment.

    1. Brooke Chaplan

      Wow! Thanks for sharing. It really is amazing technology!

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