Jun 21 2017

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ASK THE EXPERT: Dassault Systemes’ Fred Thomas on Embracing Digital Continuity

Fred Thomas, DELMIA Global Industry Director

What is Digital Continuity, and how does it support the manufacturing operations management process? How do companies with disparate, legacy systems adapt to the speed in which they have to respond, on a global scale, to the changing needs of their customers? If the concept of a ‘single source of truth’, a unified environment integrating all the disciplines within an organization sounds like a much-needed solution in your company, check out this interview on The Record with Fred Thomas.

Manufacturers in today’s world will, on some level, use technology to support certain aspects of their operations. Let’s face it – they’d be remiss not to, given the benefits modern technology can bring.

But the scale and nature of these technologies within company ecosystems varies hugely. While some manufacturers will have their finger on the pulse and adopt the best available technology for their business as soon as it becomes available, for the last decade or so, many have plodded along with legacy systems that do a certain job, but perhaps don’t allow a company to reach its full potential.

“What has happened in manufacturing over the last ten years has been nothing short of amazing,” says Fred Thomas, global industry director for the DELMIA brand at Dassault Systèmes. “There have been pressures on manufacturers to reduce cost, increase quality, become more flexible with regard to responsiveness to customers, and take a more global approach to marketplaces. In most cases, manufacturers have responded very well to all these demands, but they’ve had to respond within the context of what they’ve had to work with from a systems and technology standpoint.”

Continue reading the rest of the interview here. Excerpted from The Record, issue #4: Spring 2017

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