Nov 08 2017

Jerry Jackson

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Digital Manufacturing on the Cloud? It could be your best idea!

088When it comes right down to it, the challenge for manufacturers of any size is to keep the shop floor humming and productive. Idle machines mean lost production, forfeited ROI, and wasted manpower dollars – not to mention aggravation and endangered contracts. Tools are available that can make the whole process – design, planning, production – a smooth continuum that obviates stumbles, delays and rework.

Working with virtual products, processes and facilities in an immersive 3D environment; designers, planners, manufacturing engineers and shop floor managers are empowered to maximize quality output and ROI. An array of digital manufacturing tools, ideal for small and medium-sized companies, are available as a cloud service.

These web-based tools are available as packages that reduce complexity and direct resources to advancing the businesses’ desired outcomes. These tools deliver the full manufacturing experience; in other words, it’s manufacturing – in the age of experience.

The basic benefits of cloud-based platform computing apply here: risk alignment that facilitates attainment of business outcomes. To align with the risk profile of users and customers, look for web applications that provide complete infrastructure and platform services, including computing, server management, storage, backup, software updates/upgrades, support, database software, security, and IT staffing. Your organization is then free to focus on results.

Consider also the flexibility you get from cloud applications. Suppose you need one more seat for a short-term project. You can buy a license for just the duration you need. The tools are available online anywhere 24/7. In addition, a need might arise to acquire a short or long-term business user-type license, this also can be provisioned the same way.

Another purchase consideration is the download and installation process, and how much storage is provided at the onset. If an NC machining programmer wants to write a 5-axis program but lacks the software, does the service recognize the need?

It boils down to this: do your digital manufacturing tools give you the power you need to reduce complexity while accelerating business outcomes?

Discover more about digital manufacturing on cloud here: https://www.3ds.com/products-services/3dexperience/on-cloud/

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