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Jun 28 2017

Supply and Demand: 4 Tips for Moving and Maintaining Inventory

Inventory management is an important aspect of business, no matter if you own a large company or a small business. There are several problems that make inventory management a little difficult. The following are four tips to help improve your inventory. Paperless Some business owners rely on paper data entry when they are working on …

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Nov 24 2015

Liz Jammal

Leverage OEE for Continuous Improvement

Despite it being a high level measure, Overall Equipment Effectiveness or OEE can be used as a effective way to manage continuous improvement.

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Jul 29 2014

A Lean Approach to Management

Can you apply a Lean manufacturing approach to management decision processes?

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Jun 03 2014

People, Processes and Problems. Where It Starts. How It Stops.

Manufacturers are on a quest for perfect quality … is it possible?

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Oct 08 2013

BPM and the Future of Innovation

Business Process Management (BPM) in manufacturing operations management can lead to increased innovation from unstructured activities.

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