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Feb 23 2012

The Heightened Challenge of Disruptive Manufacturing

Disruptive manufacturers have higher stakes when it comes to producing at the highest possible quality and learning how to best achieve continuous process improvement.

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Nov 03 2010

Chevy Volt more Computer than Car

There was an article yesterday that did a great job highlighting something we’ve all come to recognize in the automotive manufacturing business. Discrete manufacturing and materials like metals and plastics are no longer king of the hill in cars. For the Chevrolet Volt, 40% of product development involved 10 million lines of code.

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Sep 16 2010

Buckeye Bullet Shows What Kids with Cars can do

Kids and cars have been an inseparable duo in the U.S. since the 1950’s. Most of us have special memories wrapped around some scenario ultimately involving a car. The first one, the best looking one or the fastest one. Most of us move onto something else in life but some kids get a passion that never goes away. They’re forever hooked. So they go off to college, get a degree in engineering, mathematics, business or a hundred other disciplines and then join the automotive industry.

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