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Apr 10 2014

5 Steps to Proving the Value of Enterprise Quality Management Software


Here are 5 steps you can take to best show the value of an investment in Enterprise Quality Management software

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Jan 28 2014

Achieving Operational Agility: Critical Tools for Manufacturers


In this second post of the operational excellence series, LNS Research explores what tools are available to become a manufacturing industry leader in operational excellence

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Jan 10 2014

Every Company’s Operational Excellence Journey Is Different


Where is your company with regards to its journey towards operational excellence?

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Sep 19 2013

Smart Factories? Try a Smarter Manufacturing Enterprise.


The ability to innovate starts with a good idea, but can end if that idea can be executed.

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Aug 15 2013

When an RFP is a Risky Business – Part 2


Five rules of thumb on how to best evaluate new technology with an open mind to avoid unknown risks

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May 29 2013

The Next Step for Global Manufacturing Operations Management


Today is an important day in the evolution of manufacturing operations management

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May 14 2013

Navigating the Operational Intelligence Selection Process


Navigating the operational or manufacturing intelligence selection process can be difficult – here are 5 criterion to consider

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May 09 2013

Vertical Launch: Urban Legend or Manufacturing Revolution?


Vertical Launch – is it a thing of urban legend, or part of the next manufacturing revolution?

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Mar 12 2013

Working with the White Space


What is a white space, and how do you best remove it?

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Aug 21 2012

Production Process Management – A Process-Centric Framework

Today we live in a data-centric world, so why organize based on an application-centric IT architecture?

Introducing Production Process Management as a way to become a process-centric organization

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