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Dec 17 2013

How Well Does Your Packaging Keep up With Your Marketing?


How well do your packaging operations keep up with your marketing programs?

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Dec 11 2013

Linking Manufacturing Brand Integrity to Trust

brand integrity

For the purpose of this post, I’ll define trust as “relying upon information sent and received about uncertain manufacturing processes and the accompanying outcome.” This concept differs slightly from a value proposition, which might then be used to decide if a purchase makes sense. In both scenarios, trust or integrity is an underlying requirement for effective communication.

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Nov 14 2013

6 Ways Six Sigma Can Transform Your Business


Transform your manufacturing operations with these Six Sigma pointers

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Nov 06 2013

How Involved is IT With Your Social Networks?


Research suggests a gap exists between the social media IT thinks is used on the shop floor, and what business users are actually doing.

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Sep 24 2013

Is Your Packaging Keeping up With Your Planning?


How well are your packaging operations keeping up with your planning?

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Sep 05 2013

The Coming Revolution in Additive Manufacturing

3d print

The reality of 3D printing is a lot closer to being ready for production than many people realize.

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Aug 20 2013

Expanding the Relevance of Lean Manufacturing to Data


Lean is a powerful concept, and one that can be applied to many areas of operations.

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Mar 28 2012

Why “Go Global” with Manufacturing Operations Management?


Rationale behind making the decision to “Go Global” with Manufacturing Operations Management

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Mar 06 2012

Two Trends Driving Manufacturers to Become Globally Integrated


Two trends are driving manufacturers to become more globally integrated

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Dec 08 2011

Think Global, Act Local


Manage global manufacturing operations by taking a “think local, act global” perspective … try to standardize most processes on a global scale, but allow for local customization as needed.

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