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Dec 06 2017

BIG PROFITS FROM BIG DATA: Platforms create another potential revenue stream with platform-generated data

Platforms collect data from many sources, with multiple benefits for the platform provider and member companies. The data they generate can enable the platform company to make smart business decisions while opening new markets to its members. Whether a platform operator chooses to analyze the data itself or sell it to others for analysis, the …

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Jun 07 2017

Collaborative robots are making automation possible for SMEs (Part 2)

This is the second of a 2-part series addressing the impact of adopting collaborative robots in the SME manufacturing environment.  Previously, we saw that collaborative robots (cobots) were innovative robots that could collaborate with workers in a shared workspace, instead of being confined behind fences. We also discovered that they were a good fit for …

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Jul 26 2016

The secret to MES success: Learn from experience

Why do some MES initiatives succeed more than others? This is an important question for manufacturers who are thinking of investing in IT systems that (they hope) will improve profitability.

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Sep 17 2015

Why Manufacturers Can’t Afford to Ignore Digital Transformation

Here are five reasons why embracing a digital transformation is in the best interest of every manufacturer.

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Aug 13 2015

Is Bigger Better? How to Get More ROI on Manufacturing Machinery

Does size matter, when it comes down to manufacturing equipment? This post takes a look at how to evaluate ROI on larger machinery on the shop floor.

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