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Nov 06 2014

Driverless Vehicles Driving Manufacturing – Part 2

Autonomous driving will impact automotive manufacturing

When considering the planning and design of autonomous or self-driving vehicles, it will be critical to address safety and customer acceptance issues.

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Nov 04 2014

Driverless Vehicles Driving Manufacturing – Part 1

autonomous driving cars

Autonomous or self-driving vehicles are a reality today, at least from a manufacturing planning perspective.

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Jul 24 2013

100 Years After Ford: Where the Conveyor Belt Has Taken Us

Conveyer belts are integral in modern manufacturing, efficiently moving work-in-process across operations

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Mar 24 2011

For Auto Makers, Platform-based Manufacturing is Here to Stay

A transformation is now underway in the automobile manufacturing industry to utilize a platform-based approach to manufacturing. Common platforms can be used to build many different automobile models, helping to improve efficiency, agility and responsiveness to change.

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Nov 03 2010

Chevy Volt more Computer than Car

There was an article yesterday that did a great job highlighting something we’ve all come to recognize in the automotive manufacturing business. Discrete manufacturing and materials like metals and plastics are no longer king of the hill in cars. For the Chevrolet Volt, 40% of product development involved 10 million lines of code.

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