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Sep 29 2015

May the Force of Demand Planning be With You

How have we progressed in optimizing demand planning as an organized effort between retailers and the supply chain?

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Jul 14 2011

Rewriting the Fairy Tale: In Manufacturing, the Hare Wins

Sometimes you need both speed and consistency in order to win, not just steadiness

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Jan 19 2011

A Perspective on how Globalization has Transformed the CPG Manufacturing Industry

From a manufacturer’s perspective, this change has been difficult and at times painful. Production became centralized in big production hubs. Suddenly, factories have had to grow their capacity, product complexity, SKUs and packaging in order to serve multiple countries, markets and consumers. Some of the previously well working processes are now inefficient.

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Nov 30 2010

Why Customers Like L’Oréal are a Success

Today we issued a press release congratulating our customer L’Oréal for winning two prestigious awards at the European Manufacturing Strategies Summit. L’Oréal’s group OEE increased 10 points across 20 plants in just over 2 years.

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