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Apr 05 2017

Educators focus on teaching skills to help students master both physical and virtual worlds

DRESDEN, GERMANY - MARCH 12: E3-research factory of the Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology in Chemnitz working on a research project Smarpro (Smart Assistance for Humans in Production Systems) on March 12, 2015. An employee of the Institute operates a touch screen monitor. (Photo by Ute Grabowsky / photo library via Getty Images)

Manufacturers are increasingly using new technologies, including the Industrial Internet of Things, robotics and additive manufacturing, to eliminate waste and raise productivity. But educators are challenged to train the new workforce and retrain existing ones with the skills they need to work successfully in these factories of the future. In the factory of the future …

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Sep 30 2016

Can the Fourth Industrial Revolution succeed without 100% reliable technical data?

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Just how accurate does data need to be in order to make the Fourth Industrial Revolution effective?

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Jun 16 2016

Megan Nichols

The Industrial Internet of Things Promises Safety Wins but Security Risks

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Network-aware devices allow us greater productivity, but they also bring a new era of safety and security practices.

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May 26 2016

Aleksejs Volcenkovs

Why “Smart” Manufacturing Will Grow in 2016

Why Smart Manufacturing Will Grow in 2016

Smart manufacturing offers a bevy of benefits and will eventually become the way that every organization creates their products.

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