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Jun 04 2015

Case Study: VIBCO’s Lean Transformation Journey

This is a case study on VIBCO, a manufacturer and service provider of construction vibratory equipment, and the Lean manufacturing transformation they have accomplished.

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Jun 27 2014

Working at Scale: Which Production Method is Right for Your Business?

Which Production Method is Right for your Business?

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Jun 10 2013

10 Tips to Motivate Excellence in Teams

Operational excellence requires more than better equipment and IT systems – your human capital must be carefully selected, groomed and maintained.

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Feb 28 2013

5 ways To Advance Lean Manufacturing with Real-time Intelligence

Here are 5 ways you can advance Lean manufacturing with real time manufacturing intelligence

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Mar 29 2011

How Responding to an Unexpected Event has Changed over the past 16 Years

Map showing radiation from earthquake damage.

Observations on how technology, culture and manufacturing best practices have evolved when responding to unexpected events, since 1995, when the great Kobe earthquake occurred in Japan, and 2011, when the great Eastern Japan earthquake and tsunami struck

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