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Apr 08 2014

Establishing a Hierarchy Model for Manufacturing Analytics

Establishing a Hierarchy Model for Manufacturing Analytics

Establish a hierarchy model to effectively measure manufacturing analytics, to then compare your performance to that of your peers

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Feb 18 2014

Similarities of Being a CEO and Implementing a Manufacturing IT Project


Implementing a manufacturing IT project is a lot like being a CEO

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Jan 15 2014

In Pursuit of the Transparent Manufacturing Plant


In pursuit of the transparent plant, manufacturers are now considering visibility as the fifth dimension necessary to understand manufacturing intelligence

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Oct 18 2013

5 Market Pressures Driving a Need for Greater Resilience in Manufacturing Operations


Here five market pressures driving manufacturers to improve operational agility.

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Sep 04 2012

Nanofibres – It Turns out that Size Matters

nanofibres in manufacturing

New research suggests that the length of nanofibres is now critical, from a safety perspective. Is your manufacturing system capable of quick change?

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Apr 19 2012

Where do you Draw the Line Between MES and ERP?


What is the best way to decide the processes that should occur in planning versus execution?

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Oct 20 2010

Do Manufacturing Achievements Translate to the CEO?

Last month we posted on the challenges manufacturers have with measuring and reporting results to their top executives based on a McKinsey Quarterly report. As if you needed any more convincing, the point has been hit home once more by Managing Automation in a recent post

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Sep 22 2010

You Can’t Have Performance Improvement without Measurement

I’m a big fan of the McKinsey Quarterly. From time to time there’s a post that everyone in manufacturing should read. That’s the case of a recent post that highlights a struggle that plagues nearly every industry – measurement.

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