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Apr 01 2014

New Stone Tools Shown to Improve Productivity


In this seasonal post, an argument for adoption of new stone tools is presented – perhaps reversing trend towards paperless manufacturing?

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Sep 26 2013

When Digital Isn’t Paperless


The ability to innovate starts with a good idea, but can end if that idea can be executed.

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Jan 29 2013

3 Steps for a Manufacturer to Accelerate a WMS Go-live


To achieve a WMS Go-live in four weeks, first start with these three steps.

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Nov 01 2012

Still Stuck on Paper?


Why do some manufacturers still rely on paper-based processes?

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Aug 01 2012

The Increasing Role of IT in Lean Manufacturing


IT is now taking an increasing role in Lean manufacturing

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Jun 14 2012

Improve Operational Agility with Strong Process Governance

Manufacturers can learn from Charles Darwin's theories of natural selection

More operational agility is a good thing – if you are looking to increase yours, then a good first step is to examine how well your business processes are governed

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Nov 01 2011

In Quality Control, Old Habits Die Hard


The move to paperless manufacturing is hardly new, yet many quality control processes are still paper-based.

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Oct 13 2011

The Mobility Movement is Well Underway


The mobility movement is well underway in manufacturing operations

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Jan 19 2011

A Perspective on how Globalization has Transformed the CPG Manufacturing Industry


From a manufacturer’s perspective, this change has been difficult and at times painful. Production became centralized in big production hubs. Suddenly, factories have had to grow their capacity, product complexity, SKUs and packaging in order to serve multiple countries, markets and consumers. Some of the previously well working processes are now inefficient.

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