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Nov 14 2013

6 Ways Six Sigma Can Transform Your Business


Transform your manufacturing operations with these Six Sigma pointers

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Jun 04 2013

Bombs, Earthquakes and Cost of Quality


The occurrence of bombs, earthquakes and catastrophic quality events can all better understood by applying the Power Law

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Feb 15 2013

5 Ways to Measure Operational Excellence


Here are 5 ways you can measure your level of operational excellence

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Jan 24 2013

Six Sigma’s Continuous Impact on Manufacturing


Six Sigma is still a viable strategy for improving manufacturing operations, especially when it can be applied across locations.

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Aug 01 2012

The Increasing Role of IT in Lean Manufacturing


IT is now taking an increasing role in Lean manufacturing

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Jun 01 2011

Five Reasons to Implement Process Improvement beyond your Four Walls

Effective process improvement needs be conducted beyond the “four walls” of your manufacturing plant.

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Nov 17 2010

Golf Lessons from Lean, Six Sigma and TOC


It occurred to me that continuous improvement methodologies could be applied to golf in my search for an ever improving handicap. And, like golf, the choice on what approach is best for you is tied to what your long and short term goals are.

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Sep 27 2010

The Neglected Law of Six Sigma


I just came back from a consulting engagement at a manufacturing plant, where the plant was the most successful in their enterprise.

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Jul 15 2010

BPM and continuous improvement were made for each other

I was at the North American MESA conference a couple of weeks ago, and it was clear to me that Business Process Management (BPM) was on the verge of getting its due.

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