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Customers Overview

AGC Automotive Europe

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"We are impressed with Apriso's automotive industry knowledge and ability to cost effectively provide an operations system with real-time visibility, all the way across our global supply chain network.  As we engage in our ERP roll out, I feel better knowing that Apriso tightly integrates with enterprise applications such as ERP, demonstrating how well the two systems complement each other to improve overall operations performance."

Luc Pirau,
IT Manager,
AGC Automotive Europe



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"This is the smoothest go-live I have experienced in my career. It looks like we have developed a solid basis for our future projects."

Hans-Bernd Veltmaat,
Senior Vice President of Manufacturing and Quality,

Amcor PET Packaging

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"Apriso is a very cost effective solution. The ease of use, the ease of training, the lower cost associated with training, and the system itself has proven to be extremely reliable. Our overall IT costs are at approximately .7% against revenues, which we believe is about half of what our industry average is."

Lee Allen Paree
Amcor PET Packaging


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“We are excited to work with Apriso and will be able to leverage their experience in providing the manufacturing flexibility required to support our dynamic manufacturing models.”

John Marten,

Director, Information Technologies,
Bombardier Aerospace

British American Tobacco

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"We now have full traceability of finished goods. Integrity control is much better. We have faster physical stock checks and automated order picking. Paperwork is a thing of the past. And we have meaningful reports - all thanks to Apriso. These indicate a highly successful implementation."

Maciek Radecki,
Operations IT Manager,
British American Tobacco Poland

Becton Dickinson

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"Apriso provides us with the ability to track our value stream in real time, alarm and notify people when we aren't performing at the level to get us to our "to be" state; what we find is this allows us to slowly, but surely, shrink the segments of our value stream and increase our cycle times and improve our processes to give us greater productivity. One of the most significant examples of reductions was our inventory reduction at over 60%, which has allowed us to free up 96,000 square feet of floor space in one of our factories where we could add production capacity."

Lee Hudson,
Manager, Manufacturing Information Technology,
Becton Dickinson

Boston Power

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"Apriso is really much more than a typical Manufacturing Execution System. It is a manufacturing operations management system, offering Boston-Power a more comprehensive solution for our rigorous manufacturing needs. Apriso allows us to monitor and control the performance of our entire manufacturing process, including detailed product traceability and genealogy."

Declan Shalvey,



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"Given the tighter capacity utilization environment in which we now operate, Apriso has helped us to improve efficiency and throughput by up to 15 percent while at the same time simplifying our IT architecture, enabling greater manufacturing flexibility without IT assistance."

Bryan Moorman,
Director, Global Manufacturing Systems,

Corporate Functions IT,


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"The user friendliness of Apriso products makes it possible for one person to complete store deployment and inventory management of products within quite a short time. Apriso substantially reduces operations load, one of the issues of our previous ERP system, so we are expecting further cost efficiency improvements."

Production & Assurance Division
Production System Department
EBARA Corporation


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"An immediate benefit to implementing Apriso has been real-time visibility to operations, helping to enhance operational performance while reducing IT costs."

Loïc Sanson,
Manufacturing, Engineering & Quality Manager for Worldwide Supply Chain Projects,

General Motors

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"Given the new technologies and the breadth of supplier relationships that are integral components of the Chevrolet Volt, we needed a fundamentally different approach to manufacturing operations. With market demands shifting, technologies evolving, and implementing new production processes across a distributed manufacturing network, partners like Apriso aided us in adapting quickly."

Kevin Mixer,
Director of Quality Systems,
General Motors

Shanghai General Motors

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"Apriso Containment Manager easily allows us to identify and quarantine an engine or parts by multiple criterion, such as operation time, operator, work center, child or parent parts. Out-of-spec work-in-process can now be held and not shipped to our customers, helping to improve customer satisfaction."

Han Pengjun,
SGM Project Manager,
Shanghai General Motors Co.

Hitachi Computer Products (America), Inc

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“Everyone here at Hitachi is very glad we made the change to Apriso. To sum it up, Apriso offers much more flexibility than our previous system (it's living up to its name!) in changing PM schedules, due dates and assignments while at the same time is much more user-friendly.”

Kristi Dean,

Production Engineering,
Hitachi Computer Products (America), Inc


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"We needed to improve both business processes and IT systems to adapt faster to increased distribution challenges. Apriso now plays a critical role in helping Isuzu to reduce time before shipping, decrease inventory and improve profits.”

Kenichiro Yabuki,

Group Leader, International IS Group, Information Systems & BPR Promotion Department,


"Apriso's adaptive manufacturing software adapts to me. It gives us the ability to change the look and feel of the product and how we apply our underlying rules…Apriso gives us the flexibility we need."

Juan Leal,
Product Manager,
Lockheed Martin


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"It would have been costly and difficult to implement the best practice in SAP.  Costly because the SAP customization and… because of the complex details.  We needed a system that could run autonomously on all the sites, in order to assure that the information system will never block the preferences of the other sites.  And, Apriso knows SAP well and the interfacing problem of SAP."

Jacques Playe,
CIO Operations,


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"With Apriso, we have improved productivity and achieved greater manufacturing operational excellence. We estimate our
production volume has doubled with higher quality and less waste – clearly a strong return on investment from our
Apriso solution.”

Andrea Gallina,
Plant Manager,

NGK Spark Plugs

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"NGK Spark Plugs’ implementation of Apriso has enabled us to realize greater visibility across each production line, resulting in improved operational performance. By leveraging the best practice processes within each of Apriso's business components, our project’s objectives were completed faster resulting in dramatically improved financial results."

Koji Maekawa,

General Manager,Systems Promotion Department, Ceramic Sensor Division,
NGK Spark Plugs


"Tight integration with an ERP system like SAP is a key element for us as we strive to become more flexible and agile. Apriso is helping us meet our most important challenges; maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction, accelerating time to market and keeping our costs down."

Marc Vincent,
Methods & SIGMAP Project Manager,
Novelis Foil & Technical Products


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"Apriso’s solution supports our vision of implementing an enterprise platform strategy comprised of financial systems (ERP), design applications (PLM) and manufacturing operations management (MES).Together, this enterprise application framework will improve productivity, elevate customer satisfaction and enhance flexibility by facilitating the quick modification of business processes across our entire global operations environment."

Jean Pierre Anger,
Chief Business Process Owner,
Messier Dowty

Sage Products

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"Apriso provides an electronic genealogy of each product, including a record of raw material components by lot number. This is extremely important to us as we expand into manufacturing drugs in addition to medical products and devices, as it allows us to comply with FDA requirements."

Bill Kale,
Director of IT,
Sage Products, Inc.

Saint-Gobain Sekurit

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"We have implemented our Apriso system to provide a completely unified solution for manufacturing and logistics across 30 of our European manufacturing and distribution sites. With Apriso, we have enforced manufacturing consistency and best practices across our operations. We now have real-time visibility into manufacturing, order and logistics status from anywhere in the company."

Hans Cordes,
Saint-Gobain Sekurit


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"By leveraging the flexibility of Apriso's design, it was easy to customize individual plant conditions while at the same time retain global best practices. This means that we have the best of both worlds - standardization of procedures that are proven to be successful, yet also the freedom to adapt these best practices when appropriate."

Hangmin Cho,
Management Info Team,


Testla Motors

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“One of the benefits of a platform-based approach to manufacturing operations is the ease of adding new or updated capabilities. MPI can provide Tesla Motors with real-time visibility into manufacturing performance to immediately contain costs and identify opportunities for continuous process improvement.”

Gilbert Passin,

VP of Manufacturing,
Tesla Motors


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"Apriso's software had the flexibility and product breadth we needed to make the change to a single platform that integrated seamlessly with our ERP system. Now, we have a real-time view of our entire enterprise - from plant floor to back office to warehouse - which gives us greater control over our global operations."

Tony DeGregorio,
Textron Systems


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"Our selection of Apriso was based on the flexibility of not only the platform and supported applications, but the ease of use we can expect as new or existing processes are changed, while retaining the necessary product and process traceability required within our highly regulated industry."

Industrial Director,
Thales Optronique


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"Our expectations have been exceeded with the deployment of Apriso, continuing our commitment to improve customer responsiveness while providing easier access to production data ... now, everything is stored in a centralized database, providing efficiency while simplifying production processes through the easy-to-use Apriso system."

Jean Philippe Pierre,
IT Project Manager,


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"Customer service is improved. Each operator can view all production rules and product specifications on their screen. This has greatly reduced the likelihood for error throughout the system, improving quality and increasing on-time deliveries -- wonderful benefits to our customers."

Patrick Eygazier,
Project Manager,


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"By using Apriso to standardize business processes across our sites, we achieved significant cost reductions from improved logistics, reduced transportation costs and higher quality, as evidenced by fewer PPM customer returns."

François Blanc,

Volvo Construction Equipment

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"What strikes me about Apriso's solution is its flexibility and its center-of-excellence concept to identify best practices. It can be very difficult to change manufacturing culture and practice. Apriso adapts to our processes, but can change over time. You need a system to prove your point to a plant manager."

Scott Park,
CIO and SVOP of Processes and Systems,
Volvo CE