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Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail
Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail

DELMIA Apriso Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail Industry Solutions: Improve Operational Agility While Maintaining Brand Integrity

Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail manufacturers must be capable of responding quickly to changing market conditions. At the same time, it is critical to maintain brand image and integrity to ensure consumers have a consistent product experience, regardless their geographic location. The challenge is that operations have grown increasingly complex and distributed across regions, global suppliers and production facilities, including those acquired through mergers and acquisitions. The end result is a labyrinth of IT systems, processes and cultures that can be tough to manage, especially with changing market conditions.

DELMIA Apriso Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail Industry solutions help you to address these challenges by delivering real-time visibility and control over your manufacturing operations and extended product supply chain network. Synchronize manufacturing operations and supply chain processes for reduced time to global market with new product introduction while standardizing business processes to meet a myriad of global regulatory compliance requirements. The DELMIA Apriso Professional Services team and alliance partner network help Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail manufacturers to maximize ROI while providing the necessary governance practices for continuous improvement.


The Solution for Today’s Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail Manufacturing Industry

As focus on consistent worldwide customer experience grows, winning in the Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail industry requires partnering with a proven company that leverages industry best practices while enabling process flexibility. Manufacturers must improve efficiency while maintaining product consistency. DELMIA Apriso Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail Industry solutions, including its specialized Eyewear, Health & Beauty and Tobacco Products solutions, deliver visibility and control across manufacturing operations and the supply chain, supporting continuous improvement from a single platform for manufacturing operations.


Accelerate Collaborative New Product Introduction

  • Shorten NPI cycle times with concerted global or regional launches
  • Extend Enterprise Resource Planning / ERP and PDM/PLM systems to reduce time to volume
  • Accelerate time to global market and best practice process deployment

Improve Manufacturing Efficiency

  • Create and enforce common best practices across your enterprise
  • Manage increased SKU complexities to planning expectations
  • Synchronize volume and product mix with production capacity to drive improved asset efficiency
  • Link manufacturing operations with packaging materials, instructions and labels for improved accuracy

Maintain Quality Worldwide

  • Defend consumer confidence and brand equity from adulterated products by managing suppliers, and Tracking and Tracing your own supply chains
  • Deploy rapidly across multiple sites, with flexibility to accommodate frequent changes
  • Distribute, enforce and monitor best practices across multiple plants
  • Synchronize materials, enabling Lean operations to minimize waste 

With DELMIA Apriso, you have the widest possible footprint for management visibility — across your entire enterprise. Performance is optimized across all aspects of the extended value chain, including your people, materials, machines and processes, as well as those of your suppliers. By transferring real-time data, signals, alerts, KPIs and business intelligence to and from any network location around the world, DELMIA Apriso empowers manufacturers to respond quickly to strategy shifts, changing market conditions and unexpected events.

Some of the Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail manufacturers that have chosen to implement a DELMIA Apriso Industry solution include: