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DELMIA Apriso Industry Solutions:
Achieve and Sustain Manufacturing Excellence

DELMIA Apriso knows the industry that matters most to you is your own. By uniquely serving multiple industries, DELMIA Apriso solutions let you benefit from a wide experience in delivering proven solutions to many of the world's leading global manufacturers. DELMIA Apriso solutions are based on in-depth experience and market awareness in order to best solve the challenges your business faces.

Whether used together as a complete end-to-end adaptive solution for Manufacturing Operations Management, or as a Manufacturing Execution System to complement existing planning applications, DELMIA Apriso Industry solutions allow manufacturers to improve operational excellence while navigating today's manufacturing transformation. Leverage a DELMIA Apriso Industry solution to:

  • Respond more quickly to changing market conditions
  • Provide for visibility within your four walls and across your entire manufacturing supply chain
  • Improve productivity while reducing errors and defects
  • Reduce the need for and costs associated with maintenance, training, and IT support
  • Adopt an evolutionary approach - as opposed to "rip and replace" - to modernize your manufacturing operations management and execution systems
  • Leverage the investment in your ERP and PLM systems
  • Integrate manufacturing and logistics, including those of your suppliers
  • Implement, maintain and improve your Quality initiatives like Six Sigma, Lean, CAPA, Containment Management and other continuous improvement initiatives
  • Achieve more granular control over your manufacturing processes
  • Integrate distributed operations
  • Lower the cost and time required to achieve regulatory compliance


The Adaptive Manufacturing Paradigm

Adaptive manufacturing is an emerging strategy driven by the need to respond faster to changing global customer demand, market conditions and unexpected events. Integrated vertically with enterprise applications and automation systems, as well as horizontally across operations at all locations, Manufacturing Operations Management Systems provide flexibility, visibility and control for all manufacturing operations. Adaptive manufacturers simultaneously optimize inventory levels while remaining highly responsive to customer orders and changing market conditions. This approach allows global manufacturers and suppliers to achieve the agility required to adopt new extended business models and continuous improvement initiatives, while reducing risk by maintaining strict process controls required for quality and regulatory compliance. Optimal efficiency, quality and responsiveness are the results, which translate into higher customer service levels and profitability.

With a DELMIA Apriso Industry solution, you have the widest possible footprint for management visibility – across your entire enterprise. Performance is optimized across all aspects of the extended value chain, including your people, materials, machines and processes, as well as those of your suppliers. By transferring real-time data, signals, alerts, KPIs and business intelligence to and from any network location around the world, DELMIA Apriso Industry solutions empower manufacturers to respond quickly to strategy shifts, changing market conditions and unexpected events.