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Apriso 9.7
DELMIA Apriso 2017

DELMIA Apriso 2017 - Delivers on Innovations for Smart Manufacturing, Digital Continuity, and Industry Best Practices

Dassault Systèmes continues its history of driving technological disruptions that accelerate innovation. This pace of innovation continues today with the release of DELMIA Apriso 2017 Manufacturing Operations Management software, offering faster ROI for manufacturers with new industry roles and applications, increased efficiency for mobile operations, expanded manufacturing intelligence, integration of 3D models and further support for IIoT standards adoption. To start, the DELMIA Apriso product suite has advanced to continue to enable customers in the age of experience by expanding Intelligence and edge computing integration capabilities:

  • DELMIA Apriso Issue Management Intelligence Pack is a new Intelligence Pack for Manufacturing Process Intelligence (MPI) that provides visibility and insights into issues and/or continuous improvement initiatives on the shop floor and across the value chain with a holistic and enterprise-wide perspective. It contains a set of powerful analytical views and dashboards based to support issue management at the plant locally, as well as the enterprise level. These capabilities provide for better control of product and process issues impacting quality.
  • Expansion of integration for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). This architecture is pre-configured to support automated processes involving edge computing and human communications. Edge Connectivity is an important part of DELMIA Apriso and as such, it has been enhanced with better support for the OPC-UA standard, including certification, as well as custom data sources, to further enable IIoT connectivity as edge technologies evolve.

DELMIA Apriso 2017 enables digital continuity to facilitate end-to-end traceability, closed-loop operations management, and accelerated new product introduction. This approach to Digital Continuity is to ensure the creation, enrichment, simulation, maintenance, connectivity and availability of digital models throughout operations.

Unlike a rigid Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that operates as a plant-based application, DELMIA Apriso offers real-time, global visibility into, control over and synchronization across global manufacturing operations. Functionality within DELMIA Apriso can be managed as an end-to-end process because of a shared business process management framework and unified data model. This architecture makes continuous process improvement more effective and universally applied across your enterprise.

With the release of DELMIA Apriso 2017, manufacturers will realize even greater benefits that enable improvements in competitiveness, quality, responsiveness, and insight.

A partial listing of additional DELMIA Apriso 2017 improvements:

Expanding the User Experience

DELMIA Apriso introduces the first in a series of new user experiences for discrete and complex manufacturers derived from best industry practices. These new roles and applications promises to speed deployment, increase ROI, and promote industry best practice. The new packaged roles, Production Supervisor and Complex Assembly Production Operator, deliver functionalities that help scheduling, executing, and monitoring complex assembly operations efficiently on the shop floor.

Improved maintenance effectiveness and mobility

Increase efficiency of the mobile maintenance workforce with the new nomad mode for DELMIA Apriso Maintenance. The new nomad mode offers operations greater mobility for task and maintenance where reliable network and wireless connectivity may be a challenge. This app for preventive and reactive maintenance is available as an iOS app designed to enable product service execution in the field while still enabling task and maintenance to be in sync.

Greater quality tracking accuracy, reusability, and productivity

Move towards digital continuity in operations and achieve better accuracy in defect tracking and greater reusability of 3D models with the new 3D vQDT (Visual Quality Defect Tracking) in DELMIA Apriso 2017. As a part of DELMIA Apriso Quality Management, 3D vQDT is a visual tool for Quality Inspectors providing greater accuracy in defect identification and ensures digital continuity between engineering and shop floor. Operations can now visually create, move, delete defects and annotate in 3D. This new capability additionally lets users add and modify defect/annotation descriptions along with 3D cross part highlighting and photo capture for defect tracking.

Improved performance and flexibility in Business Process Management

The leading MOM platform just got better. With DELMIA Apriso 2017, this release addresses not only technological improvements, but also makes DELMIA Apriso easier and faster to configure, deploy, and run. All manufacturers can benefit from the increased reusability and speed of delivery with greater performance of the user interface.