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Synchronize Maintenance Management with Production and Quality Across Plant Activities For Greater Equipment Uptime, Manufacturing Productivity and Excellence



Maintenance 2.0


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White Paper: It's Time for Maintenance 2.0

The Power to Manage and Control

  • Real-time, actionable dashboards for visibility into maintenance schedules, tasks, resources and assets
  • Detailed asset profiles, combined with complete parts and support descriptions
  • Labor management capabilities to match skills, training and availability with work requirements
  • Checklists and safety instructions
  • Serial number tracking and tracing for equipment and parts

DELMIA Apriso Maintenance works in close coordination with other DELMIA Apriso applications, allowing you to more effectively manage maintenance to minimize disruptions and maximize uptime within your manufacturing environment. Gain unprecedented real-time visibility into maintenance management operations to better manage labor, spares, impact on production schedules, quality and other factors that relate to maintenance execution.

With DELMIA Apriso Maintenance, you can maximize equipment availability by synchronizing production, quality and other activities with maintenance operations to avoid disruptions and better anticipate equipment repairs. Establish closed-loop, paperless manufacturing processes that drive preventive and reactive maintenance to keep equipment performing consistently for higher product quality and improved manufacturing efficiency.

DELMIA Apriso Maintenance can be synchronized with existing business systems such as ERP and PLM to seamlessly integrate maintenance plans and schedules into the flow of your manufacturing operations, extending the value of these existing enterprise systems.

DELMIA Apriso Maintenance is an equipment maintenance software solution that delivers sustained manufacturing excellence by enabling:

  • Preventive work orders and maintenance calendars
  • Electronic dispatching, work instructions, calibration specs and tracking of equipment, labor, tools and spares
  • Synchronization of production, quality and other processes with maintenance operations
  • Integration to ERP or PLM, without duplication of data and processes, to ensure full enterprise asset management
  • Extended control to support MRO and "as maintained" equipment histories

Improve control of maintenance activities. DELMIA Apriso Maintenance improves your ability to manage both planned and unplanned plant maintenance activities. Preventive maintenance can be planned by calendar, number of units run, hours of operation or specific events you configure. Even in emergency repair situations, DELMIA Apriso Maintenance can provide directive, step-by-step electronic work instructions to the right people, ensuring parts are available and delivered to the right location and coordinated with the appropriate production schedules, as needed. For example, if a machine suffers a breakdown that requires rapid maintenance intervention, production requests can be immediately changed to best leverage your remaining equipment, whether at your current location or at another facility. DELMIA Apriso will adjust, distributing the new production schedules to operators and supervisors, and coordinating activities for as long as necessary until the production schedule is back on track.

Leverage your planning systems. DELMIA Apriso Maintenance helps you leverage ERP planning systems more effectively while supporting OEE and continuous improvement initiatives because DELMIA Apriso Maintenance tracks and reports on the full maintenance picture. It helps you improve maintenance operations by visually modeling your maintenance value streams and enabling you to share best practice maintenance procedures and profiles across sites to enforce standard operating procedures. And, by monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs), DELMIA Apriso Maintenance tracks activities in detail against all aspects of maintenance orders - including machines, parts and labor.