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Process Builder
Process Builder

Author, Model and Continuously Improve Manufacturing Business Processes with DELMIA Apriso Process Builder to Achieve and Sustain Manufacturing Operations Excellence

DELMIA Apriso Process Builder, based on BPM technology, provides your process engineers with powerful tools for defining and improving business process modeling for continuous process improvement and, just as importantly, measuring and improving upon production performance. You can make process adjustments easily and rapidly in response to real-time operations, helping to enable manufacturing transformation and sustained manufacturing excellence.

Using the graphical editor, you can easily define processes for any production or material handling step without software programming by simply utilizing the embedded Business Process Management capabilities of DELMIA Apriso. For example, you can easily define required labor skills, equipment, material, process or product characteristics and specifications for any particular process through a single user interface in DELMIA Apriso. These definitions cause tasks to be dispatched only to those users who qualify on the basis of resource type, class, role, skill level and skills expiration date. The system automatically renders the right user interface for each manufacturing operator. Because other users cannot see these tasks on their task lists, they cannot open or work on them.

You can specify many resource limits in DELMIA Apriso Process Builder, such as the maximum number of qualified labor resources and simultaneous tasks allowed for each operation. You can also implement secured sign-off at specific steps of operations within a production process by requiring users to enter encrypted passwords at various steps during the execution of a maintenance or validation process.

An important advantage of DELMIA Apriso Process Builder is its ability to collect the specific data necessary for continuous process improvement. At every step, you can make sure that data on the component under manufacture, the process as well as the equipment can all be captured automatically, or manually by prompting operators to scan or record the needed information. This data can be presented in a wide range of reports to identify problems and bottlenecks as well as to spot opportunities for continuous process improvement.

DELMIA Apriso Process Builder uniquely provides the capability of modeling process routing as well as the details of each operations step including the manufacturing operations business logic into a single, consistent application and user interface. Where the typical MES application requires the use of heterogeneous configuration and programming tools for each module, DELMIA Apriso allows all the production-related activity to be graphically described with customer-specific manufacturing business logic and related best practices. Those best practices can then be standardized into a library of standards that are shared and deployed across all manufacturing sites.

Example of process routing with dynamic rework path modeled with DELMIA Apriso Process Builder.