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Deliver Manufacturing Excellence to One Plant Floor or Many – Across the Globe


Streamline Operations and
Get Real Time Visibility

  • Improve productivity and reduce costs
  • Increase quality
  • Improve traceability and genealogy to meet competitive and regulatory requirements
  • Manage operations across supply chains and multiple sites

DELMIA Apriso Production enables manufacturing excellence in the modern production environment by seeing beyond the four walls to the entire product supply network. This breadth of visibility and control gives you a new level of traceability and quality throughout one or many plants around the world. DELMIA Apriso Production goes beyond a traditional Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to let you manage all the elements of production on a global scale – as an enterprise MES – while letting you replicate global best-practices across your manufacturing operations and product supply network.

With DELMIA Apriso Production, you can streamline your operations with paperless manufacturing and electronic work instructions to improve resource management and synchronize production with planning. Drive Lean, Six Sigma and other continuous improvement initiatives with real-time visibility and control over multiple manufacturing models such as batch, hybrid and complex discrete to enforce best practices and improve operational excellence.

DELMIA Apriso Production works seamlessly with third party ERP and PLM systems, letting you achieve and sustain manufacturing excellence through:

  • Directed manufacturing, electronic work instructions, and in-line production monitoring
  • Coordination and synchronization of people, processes, equipment, tooling & materials
  • WIP tracking, detailed product genealogy, interlocking traceability and performance reporting
  • Material synchronization between production, warehouse and suppliers
  • Higher quality via Poka-Yoke, shared best practices and nonconformance monitoring Improved responsiveness to changing customer demand and shop floor events
  • Improved responsiveness to changing customer demand and shop floor events

Focus on business processes to improve manufacturing efficiency. Traditional production software focuses on equipment automation. DELMIA Apriso Production gives you a comprehensive view of shop floor processes, resources and material flows, regardless of automation equipment vendor. This vendor agnostic approach not only enhances Work-In-Process (WIP) efficiency and overall plant performance; it also improves asset utilization and efficiency across multiple locations. All equipment is viewed as part of your total manufacturing context. As a result, Apriso enables more informed and intelligent decision-making about resource utilization.

Interlocking traceability and genealogy. DELMIA Apriso Production automatically tracks and records all production materials, labor resources and production processes for full traceability and genealogy. For manually operated procedures, DELMIA Apriso Production prompts operators to confirm each step; for automated procedures, DELMIA Apriso captures data from automation and other shop floor equipment. DELMIA Apriso supports barcode and RFID scans as well as machine data collection for full automation of material and parts traceability at any level of granularity, from global definitions to specific lot and serial numbers.

Read more about these key DELMIA Apriso Production capabilities:

Dispatching Board