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Unify Quality Across Manufacturing Operations for a Comprehensive, Enterprise Approach to Quality Management
to Achieve Sustained Manufacturing Excellence


Comprehensive Quality Control

  • Six Sigma, including DMAIC processes and SPC techniques
  • Lean initiatives for minimizing waste and variability
  • ISO 2859 implementation and other quality standards for compliance enforcement
  • Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • Specific application of industry standards and regulations such as ISO TS 16949 and APQP in Automotive, FDA 21 CFR in Pharmaceutical, Blood, Food and Medical Devices


DELMIA Apriso Quality puts you back in control of your quality program – across the distributed environment you now operate. As part of the DELMIA Apriso unified operations data model, DELMIA Apriso Quality allows you to manage all aspects of quality, both within the four walls of your manufacturing facility and beyond to other facilities, vendors, partners and suppliers. The DELMIA Apriso quality execution and management system integrates with existing ERP and PLM systems to a degree not easily possible with other solutions – providing consistent quality metrics across your enterprise.  Have confidence your quality program will be adhered to consistently across your enterprise to drive overall quality improvements to your Work-in-Process and finished goods as well as your manufacturing processes.

With DELMIA Apriso Quality, you can quickly detect, track and contain non-conformance events ... drive resolution through Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) and other quality improvement processes … and improve quality at the plant-floor through embedded quality checks, advanced containment management and enforcement of global best practices.

DELMIA Apriso Quality delivers sustained manufacturing excellence by enabling:

  • Real-time visibility and availability of quality data at all times, at all stages, to see, track and better understand the causes of quality issues for effective, continued resolution
  • In-line SPC, automated quality validation and alerts on out-of-tolerance conditions from across your entire global production environment
  • Planning and performing quality inspections, usage decisions and sampling, in real-time, for improved operational performance
  • Visual Quality Defect Tracking, as an embedded capability to visually identify defects for continuous process improvement
  • Built-in regulatory compliance support with security control, e-signature and audit trail capabilities
  • Six Sigma, Lean, ISO and other continuous improvement programs, which can be implemented across multiple sites and supplier operations

Embed quality as a production process. DELMIA Apriso Quality allows you to embed quality assurance and control into any phase of your production – measuring, directing and reporting on quality activities, in real-time. Visual Quality Defect Tracking (vQDT) allows specific quality defects to be annotated on an image of a specific part or Work-in-Process, to help accelerate issue resolution and better communicate quality issues. Thus, DELMIA Apriso enables quality to be managed as an integrated enterprise application, enforcing compliance and reducing the cost of implementing quality initiatives such as Six Sigma and Lean, while providing enterprise wide visibility for this critical operational function. Continuous process improvements can be applied simultaneously to both production and quality processes with a single update to a business and operations process within DELMIA Apriso.

Control, Prevention, Containment and Correction. DELMIA Apriso Quality provides unprecedented control to act upon, address and contain quality issues throughout your operations. Using a combination of error-proofing and standard operating procedures, dynamic work instructions and product and process characteristic monitoring, you can gain real-time visibility and control that slices right through the horizontal silos of production, including the supply chain, production, maintenance, warehouse and labor giving you the ability to immediately quarantine out-of-spec materials across operations to contain an issue.  You can leverage all product and process history and genealogy data – coupled with interlocking traceability of processes spanning your entire manufacturing operations – to address warranty and regulatory compliance initiatives. At the same time it is possible to limit the propagation of a quality issue, letting you identify, document and hold suspect products before they reach the customer.

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