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Issue Management
            Issue Management

Accelerate Issue Resolution across Manufacturing Operations


Click to see larger version of this image. Click to see larger image of screen shot. In today’s hyper competitive manufacturing world, the identification and resolution of issues is a critical element of quality control and continuous improvement. This challenge impacts more than just quality issues. Problems can arise anywhere in the manufacturing value chain – on the plant floor, warehouse, shipping dock or maintenance team. Any of these issues could potentially impact throughput, delivery, profitability, efficiency, customer satisfaction or competitive edge.

DELMIA Apriso offers a comprehensive approach to address this challenge – an enterprise solution that spans the complete footprint of manufacturing. DELMIA Apriso Issue Management is more than just a quality tracking system. It lets you identify and instantly take action on any event that might disrupt or hinder manufacturing objectives – from maintaining high quality standards to implementing continuous improvement initiatives.

Continuous Improvement. DELMIA Apriso Issue Management provides a foundation to manage and implement continuous process improvement across any part of manufacturing operations, including production, quality, warehouse, logistics, maintenance, or labor activities. As a DELMIA Apriso solution, any process improvement is not limited to just one location – improvements can be easily replicated across your entire enterprise.

Fast Problem Resolution. Quickly identify root causes, take corrective actions and accelerate resolution. Issue Management is particularly effective at managing and resolving issues that cut across operations because it leverages the wide footprint and unified data model of the DELMIA Apriso solution. Configured to be an embedded part of any DELMIA Apriso solution, issues can be reported on, managed and resolved as an embedded part of existing manufacturing operations. This simplicity helps to improve tracking and speed resolution of issues, once identified.

Easy implementation. DELMIA Apriso Issue Resolution includes a runtime cockpit for processing issues against predefined workflows, ready to use “out-of-the-box” with DELMIA Apriso application modules. Graphical-based displays can be used to track resolution progress, helping to raise focus and accelerate a favorable outcome.