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Time & Labor
Time & Labor

Coordinate Labor with All Plant Activities to Drive Productivity
And Manufacturing Excellence


Integrate Time/Labor with
Total Production Ops

  • Fully scalable and enterprise-ready
  • Built-in multi-language and multi-time zone capabilities
  • Highly configurable for current and future needs
  • Designed to fit within a wide range of IT infrastructures


Most time and labor systems do little more than count hours and track pay, operating in isolation from manufacturing. Apriso Time & Labor supports manufacturing excellence by tightly linking labor tracking to plant activities not only production, but also warehouse, maintenance and quality in a total paperless manufacturing environment. Synchronizing labor with manufacturing provides a powerful view of your workforce and how it affects your critical plant operations, productivity and profits.

Apriso Time & Labor is a browser-based application that collects time-based data throughout your manufacturing operations, in real-time. Utilize Apriso to integrate time and labor across all operations, enforce company pay and work rules and reduce labor and administrative costs. Automate the tracking and management of time and labor processes in the context of production to enhance productivity by eliminating manual processes and validating time card accuracy.

Apriso Time & Labor lets you achieve and sustain manufacturing excellence by:

  • Tracking labor costs accurately and quickly to calculate efficiencies and maximize productivity
  • Linking specific labor activities to production metrics for improved analytics capabilities to better understand performance against planned or budgeted costs
  • Providing real-time visibility of employee attendance and availability, for improved responsiveness to daily manufacturing needs
  • Automating and simplifying the production of reports for payroll systems
  • Capturing labor information as part of traceability and genealogy requirements

Meet the traditional needs of time and labor management. Apriso Time & Labor completes the cycle of business process automation by making time and attendance data available for review, signoff and export to back-end systems. It meets the requirements of time and labor management with key features, such as configurable pay periods and work rules, overtime and accruals, full support for labor data collection, and interfaces to leading ERP, financial and payroll systems.

Create new visibility into manufacturing. Apriso Time & Labor goes far beyond the basic requirements of time and labor by tracking employee activity specifically for plant operations. Labor is tracked at team, shift, or individual level, and employee time is tracked by type of activity. Hours worked is automatically compared with accrued labor by work order, product or operation. Apriso dashboards and reports enable you to identify critical information such as the most time-consuming activities where labor efficiencies can be readily gained and how labor impacts quality. Apriso maintains granular labor information, such as who worked on a given order and for how long, enabling true labor costing, improved traceability and accountability.

Apriso Time & Labor allows you to manage your workforce within the context of the plant floor providing much-needed visibility into your workforce and its impact on plant effectiveness, product costs and profitability.