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Apriso Training - Shanghai, China

(August 21 - 31, 2017)

Level 1, Apriso Solution Consultant Training (August 21 - 25, 2017)
Designed to prepare students to start working on DELMIA Apriso projects, this course begins with a brief overview of the entire suite of Apriso products. The rest of the week focuses on the primary Business Process Management tool used by Apriso, Process Builder. Students will learn the fundamentals of Screen Flow Management, including how to create screens, layouts, views, pop-up windows, and forms, for both desktop and mobile devices. Students will also learn the basics of configuring business logic, including using Apriso Business Components and stored procedures to write to the database, creating configurable error messages, printing labels and reports, and support for multiple languages. After the course is complete, students will have access to additional materials to teach them how to set up and execute reports, how to read the Apriso data model, how to work with background jobs, and how to do basic business integrator troubleshooting.

Apriso Foundation Training (August 28 - 31, 2017)
Foundation training begins with the fundamentals of creating an Apriso server, including database setup, application and service pack installation, and product registration. The administrative section also includes configuration, database archiving, and customer specific administration screens. It continues with Global Process Manager, where students will learn the basics of transferring screens, operations, database objects, and more from one Apriso system to another. Also included are troubleshooting skills, integration with SVN, and cross-version support. Foundation students will also learn about communicating with equipment, basic KPIs, creating custom dashboards, and business integration with Apriso and external systems like ERP and PLM.


Level 1, Apriso Solution Consultant Training
Apriso Foundation Training
5 Days 4 Days
Introduction to Apriso System Administration
Screen Flow Management Global Process Manager
Advanced Process Authoring Machine Integrator
  Dashboards & KPIs
  Business Integrator


Meet Your Trainer

Joe Bauer
Joe’s training career began in 1993 while stationed at Ft. Lee, Virginia, USA, teaching fellow soldiers and Marines procedures for testing aviation fuel, correct use of the fuel pumping units on the HEMTT and TPU, as well as cold and hot refueling operations for military helicopters. After returning home to Idaho, he spent several years teaching direct sales, successfully training hundreds of salespeople, who in turn sold over $2 million worth of household appliances. After a brief period of working Professional Services for Retalix (now part of NCR), he began training corporate customers on Retalix’ Point of Sale software, and has continued as a software/technical trainer with companies like HighTower Software, and Microsoft. In his time at Apriso (recently purchased by DASSAULT SYSTÈMES) he has trained hundreds of people.


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