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Global Core Deployment
Global Core Deployment

A Core Deployment of DELMIA Apriso Assures Uniform Manufacturing Processes Are Used Enterprise-wide

DELMIA Apriso provides a single technology foundation capable of executing manufacturing operations across your enterprise, enabling you to keep IT costs low while supporting a shared information infrastructure, letting you standardize best practice processes and measurements (KPIs) across the enterprise.

Implementation is accomplished through our Core deployment program, which comprises an enterprise application best practices approach - ideal to support an ERP implementation over a distributed application environment, yielding complete visibility and control within ERP down to the shop floor.

Applying the 80/20 rule, our design team will work with you to identify the approximate 80% of consistent business processes that apply to each of your manufacturing environments - across every location of your enterprise. Once this ‘core' blueprint is established, it then becomes a standardized profile to be packaged and deployed throughout your enterprise. The remaining 20% or less of customized local processes can then easily be incorporated by your local staff, DELMIA Apriso services professionals, or one of our many global solutions providers to obtain a manufacturing operations management solution designed specifically to address an individual plant's needs.

The end result is an enterprise-wide system that is highly relevant to each of your manufacturing models and sites, yet offers a lower total cost of deployment and ownership. This implementation program provides flexibility, real-time visibility and global business process agility. Now, changes to business processes or best practices are easily identified locally and distributed globally without a need to recode complicated programming.

DELMIA Apriso: Flexible Solution, Proven Deployment Methodology

What makes our deployment methodology unique? We ensure a rapid and smooth implementation, helping your organization realize a quick, substantial and sustained ROI through our:

  • Flexible solution: DELMIA Apriso solutions enable you to expand your implementation as needed across your operations to accommodate change; modular applications are integrated through a unified data model giving you the ability to support the full breadth of your operations on one platform while providing you an infrastructure to support a distributed application environment.
  • Repository of packaged solutions: DELMIA Apriso is delivered with a library of processes and operations that can be selected and augmented to include your business logic, rules or directive operations. This library quickly becomes the repository of the Core business processes and operations reused across all your sites with DELMIA Apriso.
  • Agile business processes: At the heart of DELMIA Apriso solutions is a foundation for Business Process Management (BPM), which is embedded within everyDELMIA Apriso application; these programs can then be centrally managed and distributed with Global Process Manager (GPM). GPM enables you to quickly manage processes and product changes driven by design integrity, inventory, cost control, mandates, compliance, and other issues.
  • Real-world experience: By working with the DELMIA Apriso team and our partners, you benefit from the collective manufacturing and logistics knowledge of satisfying nearly 140 global customers with services implemented across 50+ countries.
  • Ability to maximize ERP, PLM: With more than 15 years of experience in developing and deploying standardized business systems (ERP, PLM, CAD, and APS), DELMIA Apriso solutions offer the most integration points to the leading ERP systems - SAP and Oracle.