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Global Product Traceability
Global Product Traceability

Capitalize on Manufacturing ‘Big Data’ and the Internet of Things for Global Traceability and Beyond


Global manufacturers with distributed operations face ever-increasing complexity in their quest to provide the highest quality products in the shortest possible timeframe. Further dependence on supply chain partners adds greater complexity and risk of quality failure. An effective strategy to address these challenges is to implement a robust and seamless infrastructure to capture genealogy and traceability data across manufacturing operations and the extended supply network.

Industry research now suggests a major impediment to successful product traceability is the proliferation of multiple data repositories, including those tracking product genealogy, traceability and quality intelligence. A transformation is now underway to address this complexity by leveraging the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – using manufacturing Big Data and analytics – to not only capture product traceability, but open up a new frontier for business process innovation.

The DELMIA Apriso Global Traceability solution comprises an intelligence platform architecture to help manufacturers overcome the increasing complexity now tied with tracking and tracing global operations. This architecture includes a unified data model built with a native Business Process Management (BPM) framework. Data is automatically standardized as captured, where it persists across production, quality, maintenance, inventory and supply chain operations.

Manufacturers can now take better advantage of this intelligence, as it is immediately actionable to quickly identify and isolate suspect product, preventing nonconforming goods from escaping into the distribution channel or reaching customers. Manufactures can further capitalize on the central intelligence repository to identify best practices, accelerate and align new product introduction to multiple markets, and accelerate innovation with a better mechanism for Global PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Action).

The DELMIA Apriso Global Traceability solution is platform-centric, so can serve as a global manufacturing operation "hub" that spans the needs of manufacturers and supply chain partners. This highly flexible approach to global traceability enables manufacturers to:

  • Improve collaboration – between corporate quality, manufacturing sites and trade partners to better coordinate corrective actions, reducing manual and time-consuming tasks prone to error
  • Centralize track and trace analysis – without requiring replacement of existing manufacturing systems to provide better insight into product genealogy and packaging hierarchy at any time
  • Handle Big Data of end-to-end traceability – without impacting operational performance, as data is received from plants, suppliers and logistics providers
  • Capture detailed global traceability and genealogy data automatically – from multiple sources, to help reduce risk, protect brand equity and help reduce the threat of counterfeiting
  • Address changing and emerging compliance requirements – by providing readily available, detailed product pedigrees to demonstrate auditable compliance and product authenticity
  • Accelerate process innovation – by leveraging manufacturing big data and intelligence gained from expanded visibility, process improvement across key operational areas is now possible, including beyond the four walls

Industry-based GT solutions are available, based on best practices gained over years of implementation experience. The following industry-specific solutions are now available:

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