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Warehouse Management for Manufacturers

Aerospace & Defense Manufacturers – Address Complex Product Quality Issues while Maintaining Evolving Regulatory Requirements

Apriso’s Global Traceability and Containment solution for aerospace and defense manufacturers provides a centralized repository and process framework to collect and store all necessary product genealogy and traceability data from both your internal systems and supply chain partners. This framework helps ensure consistently higher product quality through better data governance and standardization of key product and process data. Aerospace and defense manufacturers can benefit through faster identification, isolation and containment of potential product defects across their extended global manufacturing network.

This industry is largely defined by complexity in designs and supply chains, so having near real time traceability and containment is critical for both compliance and efficiency. Implementing an Apriso Global Traceability and Containment solution can directly impact two of the industry’s most pressing issues: automate the capture of granular traceability and genealogy data from multiple sources on a global scale, and achieve greater collaboration across sites to better resolve quality issues in a timely manner. Specific capabilities of Apriso’s industry solution include:

  • Process collaboration – between manufacturers and trade partners to better coordinate corrective actions, reducing manual and time-consuming tasks that are prone to error
  • Centralized traceability and containment capability – enabling better insight into out-of-specification product quality to then quickly contain the suspected materials for further action
  • Supply chain synchronization – to better connect those involved in analyzing and taking corrective actions on quality issues for more timely resolution
  • Capacity to handle high volumes of traceability data – without impacting operational performance, as data is received from plants, suppliers and logistics providers
  • Unique product identification schemes – to utilize existing RFID and barcode scanning technologies to leverage existing investments

Apriso's Global Traceability and Containment solution is derived from a scalable process-based architecture ideal for A&D Tier 1 component and composite suppliers as well as airplane assembly and manufacturing providers. It delivers a collaborative, flexible solution that can track product genealogy hierarchies at a granular level to ensure better data standardization for actionable intelligence. Based on Apriso’s years of experience in helping global A&D customers to improve quality by enabling real-time visibility and actionable manufacturing intelligence, this solution helps A&D manufactures to cost-effectively and proactively address product quality while meeting evolving regulatory mandates, such as NDAA 2011 and internationally recognized quality management standards such as AS9100.


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