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High-Tech Manufacturers – Improve Yield from New Product Introduction while Reducing Impact of Potential Quality Issues

Apriso’s Global Traceability and Containment solution for High-Tech manufacturers provides a centralized repository and framework for collecting and storing all product genealogy and traceability data from internal systems and supply chain partners. This framework can accelerate visibility into potential quality or production issues before they become critical, helping to improve profitability and “first time right” performance.

Manufacturers in electronics, communications, and other high-tech industries face unusually difficult quality challenges. Supply chains are complex, global, and highly dynamic. Product lifecycles are short, driven by a never-ending series of technology advances. Production yields in the first months of operation can run anywhere from 10-80%! With global product launches and time-to-market so critical, high-tech manufacturers need a global solution to track, trace and contain problems swiftly and accurately so quality is optimized while potential issues are resolved quickly.

Implementing an Apriso Global Traceability and Containment solution can directly impact two of the most pressing issues in the industry today: improving yield from New Product Introduction while reducing the impact of potential quality issues. Specific capabilities of Apriso’s industry solution include:

  • Standardized data in a single repository – to consolidate detailed product, lot/serial genealogy, and event data from multiple plants, partners and disparate systems into so corrective actions can be identified and managed more efficiently
  • Detect quality issues quickly – to contain “spills” faster, reducing their impact on production, throughput and product launch ramp up activities
  • Supply chain synchronization – to better connect those involved in analyzing and taking corrective actions on quality issues for more timely resolution
  • Unified communications features – to improve collaboration between users connected inside the firewall or their trading partners
  • Workflow automation between suppliers and internal systems – to faster contain issues and take corrective actions

Apriso's Global Traceability and Containment solution is derived from a scalable process-based architecture ideal for High-Tech manufacturers. It delivers actionable quality intelligence from anywhere in the global supply chain or local production process to the people who need it – in near real-time. By leveraging enterprise manufacturing intelligence and collaboration technologies, the solution offers visibility into compliance issues while enabling faster, more comprehensive root cause analysis so High-Tech manufacturers can achieve accelerated product launches and higher production yields.

Apriso's other global traceability and containment solutions include:

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