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Warehouse Management for Manufacturers

Medical Device Manufacturers – Reduce the Cost of Compliance and Quality While Improving Agility across Global Operations

Apriso’s Global Traceability and Containment solution for Medical Device manufacturers provides a centralized repository and framework for collecting and storing all product genealogy and traceability data from internal systems and supply chain partners. This framework can enable better data governance and the standardization of both structured and unstructured data.

Medical Device manufacturers can benefit through greater efficiency and process optimization, resulting in better flexibility to respond faster to evolving Track & Trace standards. Better visibility to inventory and supply chain processes results in more accurate order fulfillment, and of course, drastically improved life cycle management and adverse event and recall management.

Implementing an Apriso Global Traceability and Containment solution can directly impact two of the most pressing issues in the industry today: compliance with emerging regulations, and the costs associated with traditional compliance measures, which can exceed 30% of Cost of Goods Sold. Specific capabilities of Apriso’s industry solution include:

  • Supply chain synchronization – to better connect those involved in analyzing and taking corrective actions on quality issues for more timely resolution
  • Standardized data in a single repository – to more readily monitor quality and analysis performance so corrective actions can be identified and managed more efficiently
  • Global access to electronic device history or batch records – to offer better insight into managed quality activities and manufacturing operations
  • Unified communications features – to improve collaboration between users connected inside the firewall or their trading partners
  • Workflow automation between suppliers and internal systems – to faster contain issues and take corrective actions

Apriso's Global Traceability and Containment solution is derived from a scalable process-based architecture ideal for medical device manufacturing. The solution is designed to track genealogy and packaging hierarchies at a highly granular level, helping to ensure better data standardization. This solution uniquely synchronizes and tracks business processes spanning manufacturing, warehouse and quality operations – both within FlexNet and other third-party applications – on a global scale to facilitate greater collaboration across business units and trade partners.

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