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Logistical Execution System
Logistical Execution System

Synchronize Material Flows across Manufacturing and Supply Chain Operations to Improve Visibility and Control

Executing production plans and managing material flows effectively throughout a global product supply chain is an enormous logistical challenge. Yet doing so is essential to improving inventory accuracy, eliminating idle inventory, synchronizing supply chains and achieving manufacturing excellence.

Apriso products offer a way to perform logistics execution as a system for enterprise-wide logistics management. See and manage all processes and material flows throughout your manufacturing process - not just in production but also in the warehouse and throughout the supply chain. Furthermore, you can see and manage how logistical issues are impacting schedules, quality, equipment utilization and other factors, giving you full control of logistical execution.

With Apriso, corporate functions are tightly coordinated and executed across your distributed manufacturing enterprise. Engineering is aligned with production via closed-loop product data flows. Suppliers are synchronized with actual demand and quality information via supplier portals. Improve inventory management, inventory tracking and inventory control by unifying warehouse management with production. Your myriad of plants then becomes a tightly integrated product supply network.

Apriso solutions enable logistical execution for manufacturing excellence by:

  • Synchronizing raw materials, production and finished goods, with Just-In-Time (JIT), Just-In-Sequence (JIS) and Kanban techniques
  • Providing a "single version of the truth," as a synchronized and coordinated flow of processes and data for tighter control over your disparate manufacturing processes
  • Enabling the collection of data in real-time, across all operations at every location, through automated data collection processes, increasing overall performance and visibility into operations
  • Creating a closed-loop process between manufacturing, engineering and product development to better leverage ‘As-built' and ‘As-designed' product specs, enhancing the value of PLM initiatives to accelerate new product introduction, process innovation and continuous improvement

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