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Manufacturing Execution System
Manufacturing Execution System

Coordinate and Synchronize People, Processes, Equipment, Tooling and Materials on a Global Scale with an Enterprise Manufacturing Execution System


Now more than ever, manufacturing excellence depends on streamlining operations on the plant floor and throughout the supply chain. However, traditional Manufacturing Execution Systems tends to focus mainly on the plant floor, with minimal integration beyond the four walls.

Today, manufacturers must transform their operations by automating, executing and managing the performance of global business processes across their value chain. This means end-to-end integration of processes spanning supply chain, production, maintenance, distribution, quality and labor operations - regardless of where these facilities and operations are physically located.

Apriso Production is manufacturing software that delivers MES capabilities, which when combined with other Apriso applications, offers a far more expanded solution than a traditional Manufacturing Execution System. By taking a enterprise approach, Apriso applications work like an IT platform to reach across the various processes of manufacturing at each of your locations to offer unified integration and collaboration with your product supply network. This extended view of MES is what we call Manufacturing Operations Management, or as is abbreviated, MOM.

Leveraging Apriso as a global manufacturing system allows you to:

  • Manage all of the various interdependencies and establish a collaborative production management ecosystem while providing an enterprise-wide system of record
  • Provide a "single version of the truth" that enables a synchronized and highly coordinated flow of information - eliminating traditional "silos" of data and processes - for tighter visibility and control over disparate manufacturing processes
  • Enable paperless manufacturing that delivers paperless work instructions throughout the extended production process for rapid responsiveness and consistent deployment of processes
  • Empower manufacturers to meet their goals for reducing waste, inventory, and cycle times while improving efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction
  • Deliver the right information to the right people at the right time to make better decisions about every aspect of manufacturing, including advanced planning, production capacity analysis, Work-In-Process (WIP), inventory turns and standard lead times
  • Offer a true foundation for an enterprise approach to quality, continuous improvement initiatives and compliance, helping you to achieve manufacturing excellence that is consistently executed and delivered

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