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Solutions to Achieve and Sustain Manufacturing Excellence

Manufacturing operational excellence is the goal of every modern manufacturer and Lean practitioner. Companies seek to transform their manufacturing operations to be more demand driven and responsive. They require the ability to quickly and easily adapt manufacturing processes to eliminate waste and standardize processes on a global scale. Objectives include accelerating new product introduction, design and build anywhere, and better integration and real-time visibility across the global enterprise and the supply chain. Manufacturers aiming to grow revenue and expand into emerging markets must achieve these objectives while improving efficiency, removing waste, reducing cost and continuously improving quality. Balancing these goals cost effectively is at the heart of manufacturing excellence.

But what is the best strategy to get there? A good first step is to work with organizations that are experts and leaders in their field. A great next step is to pick award-winning solutions that have been proven to accomplish the objectives you seek. Dassault Systèmes understands this logic, and purchased Apriso Corporation to be part of their DELMIA brand so as to make these steps available for their clients.

The DELMIA Apriso team has considerable experience working with leading global companies to make their manufacturing transformation a reality – in a variety of industries and environments. Based on the award-winning DELMIA Apriso applications, the knowledge of its DELMIA Apriso professional services team and the industry expertise that has been amassed over the past 20 years, Dassault Systèmes has assembled a suite of manufacturing operations solutions to achieve this objective.

With solutions to address a wide range of challenges faced by today’s global manufacturers, DELMIA Apriso solutions can help you to improve collaboration and communication, expand and improve access to real-time manufacturing enterprise intelligence and make all of this information available to you on nearly any mobile device. What can result is a complete transformation of your manufacturing operations to achieve and sustain manufacturing excellence.

Watch this video to learn why a plant-based Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is not enough.


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