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Smart-Pull Manufacturing
Smart-Pull Manufacturing

Improve Responsiveness and Agility of Lean Initiatives with Industry’s First Smart-Pull Manufacturing Solution

Smart-Pull production processes remove the constraints of traditional Kanban systems by greatly expanding the scope of how a Pull process can be executed. By embedding Apriso Manufacturing Process Intelligence (MPI) into a Pull process, the industry’s first Smart-Pull Manufacturing solution was created. Now it is possible to achieve more intelligent process execution with greater accuracy and responsiveness. Some of the benefits are to significantly reduce waste and lead time while improving delivery performance.

This solution is delivered via Apriso applications, which function like a global manufacturing platform. As a result, business processes can now be triggered by nearly any operational event – including any production, material, quality, maintenance, labor or machine activity. These real-time signals can be intelligently filtered, automatically diagnosed and selectively contextualized to trigger the dynamic execution of any business process.

  • Incorporates real-time manufacturing intelligence to quickly extract actionable insights out of manufacturing supply chain events, hence driving the execution of intelligent Pull processes
  • Manages a wide range of Pull processes, including Production Kanban, Supplier Kanban, Replenishment Kanban, Signal Kanban, Just-In-Sequence (JIS) ship, JIS make and JIS buy, among others
  • Synchronizes both in-house and external processes, including those operating “within the four walls” as well as those operating at customers, suppliers and sub-contractors

Download the Solution Brochure and learn how Apriso Smart-Pull Manufacturing solution goes far beyond traditional Lean manufacturing capabilities. Extend the scope of what constitutes a Pull signal to help drive more efficient operations processes and continuous improvement on a global scale.

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Smart-Pull Manufacturing Solution Brochure

Read how Apriso’s solution redefines the power of “Pull” processes for global manufacturers beyond the scope of traditional Lean manufacturing programs.

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