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Warehouse for Manufacturers
Warehouse for Manufacturers

Establish a Common Framework to Synchronize Warehouse Operations with Production for Just-in-Time, Sequenced Material Flows

For the modern manufacturer, the warehouse has become a critical component to achieving manufacturing excellence. The most competitive companies are learning to synchronize material movement between the warehouse, production and other operations, such as quality and regulatory compliance processes. Material synchronization leads to huge efficiencies and cost savings, helping to enable adaptive operations, Lean manufacturing, Just-In-Sequence manufacturing, Just-In-Time inventory and other important initiatives.

Apriso Warehouse solution is an integral component to delivering this capability by offering a unified approach to warehouse management. Unlike other Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), which typically offer stand-alone applications designed to manage an individual warehouse or accelerate throughput within a distribution center, Apriso provides a manufacturer's warehouse management application to synchronize manufacturing operations across your entire production process. This design allows manufacturers to achieve real-time visibility and control to reduce costs and inventory, improve service, collaborate effectively and meet quality and compliance initiatives.

Apriso synchronizes your material flows between production, warehouse and other manufacturing operations processes, driving greater manufacturing excellence by:

  • Synchronizing raw materials, production and finished goods with Just-In-Time manufacturing, Just-In-Sequence and Kanban techniques
  • Reducing idle inventory and Work-In-Process (WIP) buffers to improve cycle time and support demand-driven production strategies
  • Enabling global compliance and quality improvement through integrated inspection, smart sampling and advanced "dock-to-dock" traceability and genealogy
  • Improving and sustaining high customer service levels
  • Providing full visibility and control over internal processes, inventory positions and material movements

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