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Accelerate New Product Introductions
Accelerate NPI & Innovation

Improve Collaboration between Manufacturing Operations and Product Design to Accelerate Innovation and New Product Introduction While Maintaining Brand Integrity

To win in manufacturing, not only do you need the ability to innovate, but you must also execute upon that innovation and deliver new product to market before your competitors do. That's true manufacturing agility, and it can't happen if your enterprise is burdened by isolated plant-based execution systems that lack coordination between headquarters, engineering and the shop floor.

DELMIA Apriso solutions change the game by providing a common foundation for digital manufacturing that can save weeks or even months in product development, rollout and the ramp up process required to achieve full, global, production volumes. Our customer's benefits are impressive:

  • Increasing market coverage by 300%
  • Increasing customer service to over 98%
  • Ensuring global brand integrity and regulatory compliance

It all starts with the Business Process Management (BPM) capabilities of DELMIA Apriso, where you can quickly configure and change business processes without IT involvement. Establish repeatable processes, test effectiveness and then quickly deploy to multiple plants around the world. And, as production ramps up, DELMIA Apriso's interlocking traceability and real-time integration can feed process results back to engineering on a constant basis, allowing you to implement closed loop manufacturing processes between operations and engineering design applications to optimize performance and ensure more successful new product introduction.

DELMIA Apriso helps you to accelerate innovation and new product introduction by:

  • Integrating manufacturing operations processes with design, to reduce time to market
  • Providing a single, global process-based foundation for changing and managing all product lines, manufacturing processes and standards, resulting in greater consistency and efficiency
  • Closing the loop between engineering and manufacturing for more controlled product rollouts
  • Capturing as-built manufacturing data from every plant and delivering it to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems for continuous improvement of quality and engineering designs
  • Linking business processes touched in new product introduction including production, quality, warehouse and labor automatically, so IT does not have to, and accelerating production ramp-up
  • Automatically rendering the right user interfaces in the right language for each manufacturing operator for simplified and more accurate manufacturing execution worldwide
  • Embedding interlocking product traceability into processes, so that at any given step, DELMIA Apriso can halt production if quality specifications are out of tolerance
  • Interfacing PLM instructions to the various suppliers that work with production to achieve enormous gains in flexibility, control and efficiency
  • Deploy tested and best manufacturing practices across the global plant network to accelerate new product introduction and scale production volumes