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Global Growth Strategies
Global Growth Strategies

Advance Global Manufacturing Growth Strategies in Emerging Markets

With shorter product innovation cycles and an increasingly competitive global marketplace, the quest for scale and higher margin business growth often results in a strategic evaluation of emerging markets, such as Brazil, Russia, India or China (BRIC). As Western markets have now matured across most industries, growth must be derived by competitive conquest, an expensive proposition. Emerging markets, however, offer sizable and growing economic affluence with rapidly developing commercial and logistics infrastructures, and significant innovation opportunities for your product portfolio. The challenge is how to effectively manage this growth while retaining manufacturing process and policy governance and brand integrity.

As an enterprise solution for global manufacturing excellence, DELMIA Apriso addresses these challenges with a unified platform for developing, deploying and continuously improving standardized manufacturing processes on a global basis. Real-time operational visibility and control ensures manufacturing operational processes are consistently executed with the right materials at the right place at the right time. Full product traceability and genealogy, enterprise quality management and regulatory compliance can then be executed throughout your extended manufacturing operations and product supply network.

Extraordinary global growth potential exists in emerging markets across multiple industries, including automotive, industrial equipment, consumer products and life sciences. Apriso and its proven partner network offer an ideal alliance to extend your global manufacturing and product supply network to new markets, cost structures and customers by:

  • Extending common processes refined in mature, Western-based operations to new production facilities in emerging markets
  • Accelerating new product introduction and warehouse facility ramp-up with user-based, multi-lingual solutions that facilitate collaborative interaction on the shop-floor, across the enterprise
  • Ensuring real-time visibility and control is maintained across plant and supply chain operations, throughout your enterprise to resolve business or plant operational issues
  • Delivering critical information to those that need it, regardless of geographic region
  • Covering all areas of manufacturing operations management, including warehouse, receiving, production, logistics, quality, and equipment
  • Supporting joint venture operations where data consistency must be established and maintained across companies
  • Standardizing manufacturing intelligence gathering processes, supporting operations in both developed and emerging nations, including those in Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC)