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Improve Manufacturing Efficiency
Improve Manufacturing Efficiency

DELMIA Implement an Enterprise System for Manufacturing Operations Management to Lower Operating Costs, Reduce Cycle Times and Improve Customer Satisfaction

To achieve and sustain manufacturing excellence, you have to eliminate waste across your global production while at the same time you need to continue to implement new processes that are embraced and replicated across your enterprise. This is the goal of Lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, Just-in-Time and other initiatives. But, how do you improve manufacturing efficiency, asset utilization and materials synchronization on a daily basis across your enterprise? How do you manage the myriad details and realities of manufacturing across plants, regions and continents?

DELMIA Apriso solutions have been providing the answers to these challenges for leading manufacturers around the world. DELMIA Apriso delivers a unique combination of visibility and control, allowing you to synchronize operations not just on the plant floor, but across all related activities within your own four walls and across your product supply operation. You can see and respond to every important event across your global facilities in near real-time, resulting in continued improvement of Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE).

Use DELMIA Apriso to better understand the impact of the decisions you make on manufacturing efficiency while continuing to improve your processes using rich, detailed feedback from your shop floors. DELMIA Apriso customers have realized several benefits including: 50% cycle time reductions, zero logistics PPM (across multiple plants), and increased productivity from 15% to 20%, just to name a few. Simply reducing paper and manual data entries can generate savings of $100K to $870K per plant. One client estimates they will save over $1M per year based on reducing manual data entries!

DELMIA Apriso enables the improvement of manufacturing efficiency and customer satisfaction through lowering costs, eliminating waste and reducing cycle times by:

  • Supporting multiple manufacturing models from batch to discrete manufacturing and plants sizes from small to large, streamlining information flow on a single, unified architecture
  • Providing actionable and embedded Key Performance Indicators to proactively address problems before impacting customer demand and containing costs
  • Modeling business processes for operations execution to a level of detail required to identify value and non-value activity to eliminate the waste
  • Enabling material synchronization from the warehouse to the production line and streamline inventory levels beyond WIP
  • Providing deep and broad histories of process information, allowing Lean "Kaizen" teams to quickly locate waste to continuously improve processes
  • Deploying best-practice processes consistently to any plant with DELMIA Apriso Global Manufacturing Suite to ensure sustainable continuous improvement and best practices sharing
  • Managing Just-In-Time (JIT) and Just-In-Sequence (JIS) to support advanced Pull-based production models that support Lean initiatives
  • Integrated and embedded quality throughout the operations to eliminate human error, product defects, and process variability to ensure zero defects