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Extend Value of ERP
Extend Value of ERP

Maximize your ERP Investment: Unite your Business and Manufacturing Systems

Your Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP system is essential for financial planning and operational management. But it was never designed to manage the granularity of detail and responsiveness required on the shop floor. Manufacturing Execution Systems are ideally suited to manage the thousands of details, from receiving through production and assembly, quality control, labor and all the supply chain's logistics.

DELMIA Apriso solutions deliver manufacturing execution system capabilities to fill this gap. Built on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), DELMIA Apriso unifies ERP with real-time operations from the plant floor on a global scale. It includes certified, pre-configured integration with leading ERP systems to provide effective plant floor interfaces, while supporting mission critical production requiring 24x7 operations. It also provides real-time analytics for continuous process improvement.

Most importantly, DELMIA Apriso gives you deep visibility into your plants so you have the control you need to standardize manufacturing operations and synchronize production with changing customer demand from the top down without limitations associated with automation systems.

DELMIA Apriso extends the value of ERP by:

  • Providing a 24x7 front-end to the ERP system so operations continue, even when the ERP system or Wide Area Network is being maintained or is unavailable
  • Integrating with market-leading ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, interBiz PRMS™ and SSA BPCS™ through Apriso Business Integrator's preconfigured integration points, helping to accelerate deployment
  • Importing order details from ERP systems for document generation, labeling and data validation
  • Exporting and uploading transactions to ERP systems on an immediate or periodic basis to provide the necessary continuity for audit and reporting purposes
  • Replacing paper and spreadsheet implementations with an electronic flow of paperless work instructions or work orders; this paperless manufacturing system links ERP to your plant systems to reduce clerical work, minimize errors and speed up operations
  • Eliminating ERP software customization sometimes performed to address ERP gaps in manufacturing operations; standardized ERP configuration to every manufacturing facility helps ease the challenge or maintaining different interface configurations, for reduced maintenance, training and support costs
  • Providing real-time exception handling for manufacturing operations to address the hour by hour challenges in plants and product supply operations
  • Insulating and masking ERP from manufacturing operations to ensure plants aren't burdened with non-value add transaction volumes