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Global Operations
Global Operations

Achieve Global Manufacturing Excellence with an Enterprise Approach to Manufacturing Operations Management

To be a global manufacturing leader, companies must drive operational excellence on a global scale across their organization and product supply network. Excellence demands that plants, warehouses and suppliers collaborate to work collectively, both as separate entities and as a cohesive whole. This requires embracing manufacturing transformation on a global scale.

DELMIA Apriso helps you address this challenge by providing a unified foundation for configuring, deploying and continuously improving standardized manufacturing processes on a global basis. From this common process-based framework, you can achieve real-time operations control, full product traceability and genealogy, enterprise quality management and regulatory compliance throughout your extended manufacturing operations and product supply network.

As a global manufacturer seeking cost advantages and access to new growth markets, your operations will probably be located in or near emerging markets, including those of Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC). Your manufacturing operations might also be shared with a joint venture partner, increasing your need for process consistency and enforcement amid labor forces with varying skills, cultures and language requirements. As a platform-based solution that directs labor resources through standardized manufacturing processes in local languages while supporting local requirements and practices, DELMIA Apriso solutions are truly global in scale and scope.

DELMIA Apriso can help you reap the rewards of being a global business by synchronizing your manufacturing operations while providing real-time visibility and control, so you can become a demand driven enterprise capable of responding quickly to change. Global process consistency while supporting frequent continuous improvements without operational disruptions delivers real business value. DELMIA Apriso helps you to improve global operations management by:

  • Providing a system that identifies, captures and replicates best practices across the enterprise through the use of a Center of Excellence, with support for diverse manufacturing methodologies, geographies, countries, cultures and markets
  • Embedding actionable Key Performance Indicators that ensure the right metrics are mapped to the right people and processes to provide consistent performance measurement as well as the capability to apply corrective and preventative actions across your organization as well as those of your joint venture partners
  • Delivering a global view that provides information transparency for decision-making support and the necessary context to understand the implications of operations across the extended enterprise
  • Providing comprehensive product visibility, traceability, tracking and reporting to meet global compliance, audit and regulatory requirements
  • Utilizing Business Process Lifecycle Management (BPLM) tools to improve operational performance, respond faster to changing market conditions and to launch new products faster, from a single platform
  • Providing a modular deployment model that extends and grows to fit your global enterprise and product supply operations