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Reduce IT Costs
Reduce IT Costs

Establish a Platform-based IT Architecture for Manufacturing Excellence to Reduce IT Costs and Streamline Operations

Do you have different plant-level manufacturing execution systems throughout your enterprise? If so, each product or process change can be costly and time-consuming, often requiring IT involvement to make the systems interoperate and communicate with your enterprise business and planning systems. Beyond the obvious costs of time, resources and training, there is an opportunity cost, which could prevent you from responding quickly to changing opportunities and market dynamics. How much is this worth? One DELMIA Apriso customer has achieved savings of $3 million per year by eliminating their legacy and niche plant applications. Another large, global manufacturer estimates a 50% IT cost reduction by leveraging DELMIA Apriso as its global manufacturing platform. DELMIA Apriso customers ease the complexity of their manufacturing IT systems architecture, which can then translate into cost savings, ranging from $20K to $500K.

DELMIA Apriso solutions help you to reduce your IT costs by providing a single, unified platform that spans the enterprise, enabling true business agility. The Business Process Management (BPM) capabilities of DELMIA Apriso let you quickly and easily configure business processes to meet the requirements of your manufacturing facilities, without necessarily involving your IT department. You can change processes and introduce new products much more easily, then deploy them to multiple plants around the world for globally standardized manufacturing processes. The result: improved efficiency, quality, compliance and agility, with a uniform platform for sustained continuous process improvement across your global operations.

DELMIA Apriso reduces IT costs by:

  • Simplifying and rationalizing your manufacturing IT infrastructure through the removal of legacy or redundant systems, helping you to achieve the lowest total cost of ownership while maximizing your asset utilization of existing equipment
  • Providing modular applications and configurations that allow you to deploy a solution tailored to your requirements and implementation timeline
  • Using a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and BPM as an adaptive manufacturing platform, eliminating the need for "one-off" systems to perform "quick fixes" to sudden process changes
  • Providing a unified data model to correlate data and processes from receiving to production and from plant maintenance to quality, thereby streamlining processes for more efficient operations that can be managed as “end-to-end” processes
  • Linking business process such as production, quality, warehouse and labor automatically, so IT does not have to
  • Automatically rendering the right user interfaces, in the right language, for each manufacturing operator, which can then be easily changed as often as needed
  • Reducing integration diversity to business systems through the use of SOA, BPM and a unified manufacturing platform
  • Streamlining and removing complexity associated with automation and equipment integration